Author Talk with ”Binge-Writer,” Gary Zwiezinski

In this episode, I’m talking with Gary Zwiezinski, a self-proclaimed “Binge-Writer” who has produced 50+ books in only a few years! What is his secret?!  I must know!

Gary is retired from his 17-year career as a major market radio personality for WGAR, FM99.5, Cleveland’s Country in Cleveland, Ohio.

In this episode, we also talk about the upcoming North Coast Indie Author Book Expo which is taking place in Northern Ohio (LCCC’s Spitzer Center in Elyria, Ohio) Saturday, June 25, 2022, 2:00-6:30pm. This is an annual event, so if you miss it, please subscribe to the website and get updates for the next annual event!

ARTbundance™ in Practice & Strengthening Boundaries – with Amy Heil

In this episode, I discuss coaching and ARTbundance™ with fellow ARTbundance™ Coach and Practitioner, Amy Heil. Amy is a creator, motivator, and educator. She’s also a mother, partner, mixologist, gardener, and painter.

Visit Amy’s website,, to see all the wonderful services and workshops she offers, including her “Olympic Boundaries” workshop which we also discuss at length.

I also turn the baton over to Amy for the closing ARTsignment™ since she is a Practitioner as well!

Anti-Heroes & Pursuing Your Purpose with Author, Michael Washington

In this episode, I speak with author, Michael Washington, about his book, Children of Babylon (link coming to book soon) – a fictional novel filled with anti-heroes, imagining the mutation of Black Wall Street. In addition to his book, learn how Michael’s passion for rap influenced his writing and his thoughts on pursuing your purpose, as well as being unapologetically authentic.

Here are links to some of Michael’s other work:

Shades of Liberation

Michael’s Melody: A Collection of Short Stories and Poems



Leadership & Toastmasters Talk with Nathan Jarosz

In this episode, I discuss the topic of leadership with author and international leadership trainer, Nathan Jarosz. Nathan has worked in the non-profit sector since 2014.  He developed a youth leadership program called LEAD that brought leadership education into the classrooms of various schools in the Summit-Portage County areas.  This program led to the founding of the LITE organization.

Check out Nathan’s book, Leadership: The Universal Skill.

We also discuss the international organization, Toastmasters. Visit for more information about that organization and to find a club near you!

Historical Fiction in the Revolutionary War Era – with Jim Bollenbacher

Join me as I speak with historical fiction author, Jim Bollenbacher. We discuss his book, The Signers: The Adventures of the Cushman Family – a story spanning the days leading up to July 4, 1776.

Find his book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and visit Jim’s website to learn more about him and his upcoming books:

Choosing Paths and Writing Children’s STEM Books with Author/Illustrator, Jackie Nix

Jackie Nix is the founder of Moo Maven and the independent author and illustrator of Modern Farms. Modern Farms is her first children’s book.

Jackie has been in love with farming for as long as she can remember. That farm in the background of that blurry picture is her neighbor’s dairy and hog farm where she spent most of her time as a child in rural eastern Ohio.

Jackie’s fascination with farming and livestock lead her to obtain a B.S. in Animal Science from Virginia Tech and a M.S. in Animal Science from Clemson. She has enjoyed a long and diverse career in agriculture both as an animal nutritionist for an international feed company and as a county Ag Extension Agent that has spanned nearly 25 years.

Not only is Jackie an Animal Scientist, but she is also a mother herself who absolutely understands the loving bond that forms when you spend time reading to a child. Jackie’s own son is now grown, but she fondly recalls the many hours spent reading to her son.

Now Jackie wants to share her love and fascination of all forms of agriculture as well as her artistic talents to educate and inspire children of all ages through the magic of storytelling. Her goal is to create agriculturally accurate books that children love and fellow ag professionals and farmers want to give to their friends and family.

Jackie currently lives in Alabama with her two rescue dogs, Rex and Ivy. In her free time she does photography and arts and crafts, DIY projects in her home and gardening.

”Writing By the Seat of Your Pants” with author, Emilia Rosa

Emilia Rosa was raised in Brazil. During her childhood she lived in Rio de Janeiro, where every sunny weekend was generally spent at the beach. Having moved to South of Brazil, she holds fond memories of summer vacations spent with her married sister in Rio, which also involved many hours at the beach. Her love for the sea and Rio de Janeiro, as well as that city’s history, permeates the pages of her first fiction book, Finding Cristina. During her teens she avidly read in Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Italian. A few years ago she developed a love for murder mysteries written during the Golden Age of Detective Fiction. Emilia moved back to the United States several years ago. She has published poetry and is planning a sequel to Finding Cristina. Her readers can contact her on FaceBook/Instagram/Goodreads (Emilia Rosa Author), and Twitter (EmliaURosa1).

Business of Writing and Tough Love of Editing – with Holly Bargo

Learn how Holly Bargo came into the business of editing, media writing and ghostwriting. Learn helpful tips from Holly’s wealth of experience in the professional writing and editing field, including what to expect when working with an editor.

Find Holly Bargo’s Books:

Hire Holly as an editor or writer:

Collaboration is Key! Interview with Sande Roberts and Kathie Duff Wilson

In this very first episode, I am interviewing Sande Roberts and Kathie Duff Wilson about the Create a Way story of how the picture book, Blake’s Big Day came to be. The story was written by Sande, illustrated by me, edited by Kathie, and beta tested by Kathie’s granddaughter. For a little background, Blake’s Big Day is a picture book which tells the true story of Sande’s differently abled brother, Glen, whose cat (Blake) saves him from a seizure. The cat’s story became famous – so much in fact, that Blake wins Cat of the Year from the ASPCA.

Check out Sande’s website for more information on Blake’s Big Day and to order your own copy:

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