Tea Notes revisited

Fun project

This is the one I sent to Jenny.

Back when I was in college I decided it would be fun to do something with my tea bag envelopes and tags. I developed my own idea which I called “Tea Notes.” I saved my tea bag envelopes and tea tags & strings and replaced the tea bag with a folded card where I would add a fun little message, a clipping from a cartoon strip, or a little poem. For a while now I’ve thought it would be fun to make a fine art version of my Tea Notes, and a couple months ago finally decided to act on the impulse.

I’ve been very interested in using mixed media lately: combining sewing materials with paper, doo-dads added on, etc. I took some materials that were left over from making my bookmark gifts to the women who were coming to the Artist’s Way Retreat in September and just had some fun.

The envelope was made out of a used paper towel (Jenny Rohrs told me to save it after using it to wipe paint and glue off my hands while we made the bookmarks together). The butterfly is of course my symbol of the year, so the charm attracted me while shopping for special attachments at Michael’s Craft Store. The yarn was left over from the bookmark project. I fell in love with it at the craft store.

And the “card” and tag were used from scraps left over from the bookmark project (fabric paper). I added a few extra things I had around and wrote a quote on back of the card, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Looking forward to making more versions of the tea note, maybe incorporating some of the poems I’ve written for fun over the years. This is so fun to do. I dn’t have many samples from what I’ve done in the past, though, because I always send them to friends and family as special gifts inside letters. Even for this project I made two because I wanted to send one to my friend Jenny Rohrs (to add to her deep box of ATC’s and other small gifts she’s collected from other artists).


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