Frieda Anderson – Quilt Artist

Frieda Anderson - August Afternoon II

Frieda Anderson - August Afternoon II

I stumbled upon this woman’s website on Jenny Rohr’s Craft Therapy page. Wow! What inspiring work. I was working on a mock-up project for Learning Horizons over the weekend which involved fabric and had to dig into my dusty old sewing box. I found some forgotten treasures in there, including some awesome batik fabrics and my first quilt project that I never finished, from years ago.

I’ve been very interested in getting back into sewing again. Top of my wish list for Christmas now is a new or used sewing machine. I don’t think quilting is something I’m ready to delve back into again (too time consuming for me right now). But I do think I’d like to do some small experiments with sewing and materials, making small art projects like ornaments, precious pieces, and ATC cards.


One thought on “Frieda Anderson – Quilt Artist

  1. I had the pleasure of hosting Frieda at dinner when she came to our guild to lecture and lead a workshop. She is a great person as well as a great artist. I also must mention that the key to her technique is WonderUnder fusible webbing….lots of fusing and cutting, and then using stitch as a decorative element. It really is easy and playful. I’d love to show you sometime, using Roses’ artwork for inspiration!

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