Mary Ann Chulick – I knew her when…

Game Time by Mary Ann Chulick

Game Time by Mary Ann Chulick

I had my friends Mary Ann Chulick and Christy Carlson over last night for a little pizza and friendly conversation. I wouldn’t call it a typical “girl’s night” when we get together. We talk mostly about what is going on with our lives and our pursuits with writing.

I was thrilled when Mary Ann brought over her copy of Game Time for me to keep in my library. When we were in class together, I had the opportunity to read this piece as she was writing it. I knew Mary Ann was destined for success in writing. Her work is fun to read. I enjoyed my weekly reading assignments from our class together and am delighted to see a printed book now to add to my growing collection of published friends.

It’s an inspiration to see my friends succeed in their dreams. Mary Ann has worked very hard to achieve her success with her published works. I look forward to filling up a whole bookshelf soon, all books autographed by my published friends. I’m blessed to know so many talented people – some published, and some who MUST be published someday (you know who you are!!).

Game Time is a sci-fi romance novel. Very creative, and pretty steamy. If you can take the heat, I recommend it as a fun read! I gotta keep my own copy, though, signed by the author herself (mine! mine!).

I also recommend her book: All Creatures Great and Dead. A novel which combines romance with mystery. Mary Ann is quite the creative writer!


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