Elizabeth Alexander’s “Praise Song” – Reflections on an Hour of Love and Unity

Elizabeth Alexander

Elizabeth Alexander

The most inspiring part of today’s historical inauguration (for me) was Elizabeth Alexander‘s “Praise Song” poem, an original work created for this day. I’m happy I videotaped the inauguration and was able to rewind and hear it again.

The phrases which spoke strongest to me:

“… We walk into that which we cannot yet see…”

“… Sing the names of the dead who brought us here…”

“… What if the mightiest word is Love? … Love that casts a widening pool of light…”

“… Praise song for walking forward in that light.”

I was most impressed by the love and hope expressed in the many words spoken at today’s inauguration. Words like these may have been spoken at such events in the past, but I believe — I HOPE — for the first time people are taking them to heart. By watching the Inauguration I felt something I didn’t expect… a sense of peace and unity and US pride enveloping ALL which I have not witnessed since the after-days of 9-11.

I hope and pray to God that the words of love and hope and unity stay in the hearts and minds of everyone to help our nation become one united strong spirit again.

We may not agree when it comes to policies and politics, but let us at least raise our fists in the air and, united, shout “I am proud to be an American!”


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