Leo Buscaglia – Hero of Hugs

Leo Buscaglia, Miami Bookfair International, 1987

Leo Buscaglia, Miami Bookfair International, 1987

I’m such a Leo Buscaglia fan. I remember when I was little my family would watch broadcasts (when we lived in Canada) of his speeches. My favorite part was when he allowed the WHOLE audience to come up to the stage after his speech was over, and he would embrace every one of them, individually. What a wonderful man.

The first book I read by Leo was Living, Loving and Learning, when I was in high school. It made a major impact on me. It inspired me so much, I wanted to be a teacher… but felt it was an impossible dream because of my fear of public speaking.

Toastmasters has since cured me of that horrible fear which has prevented me from doing many things before. I need to read his book again and see what it inspires me to do this time, now that the shackles have been removed.

I wish I could go back in time and become one of Leo’s audience members, receive that warm hug after his speech, and give him a warm hug back.


One thought on “Leo Buscaglia – Hero of Hugs

  1. Wendy,

    Once more, I learn what an amazing way to share you have.
    I’ve never heard from this person before, and still feel like I know him.
    What he says is so true and it’s something I’ve been meaning to express… My life gets better with every minute and I am so happy I can share it with you and many wonderful and loving people.



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