Cheap Fun With the Kids!

It’s a juggling act, trying to keep my two toddlers occupied while I do the dishes or the laundry, make dinner, etc., etc. Sometimes they get bored with their everyday toys and just need something different to play with. ENTER imagination.

Baby Jack loves to build things, but he gets frustrated with Legos because he hasn’t quite mastered them yet. And when I introduce the wooden blocks, it often results in a tug-o-war or a screaming frenzy because one of them wants the blocks the other has, or Jack knocks over Rose’s masterpiece.

When introducing something NEW, that always helps them to quiet down and enjoy playing for at least 10-15 minutes so I can have a breather. So, I got the ole disposable paper cups out of the cupboard. When I realized they needed more, I got out the plastic ones – we don’t use them anyway, so why not?

This occupied them for at least 15-20 minutes, and then Jack finally decided it would be fun to knock down Rose’s masterpiece. I quickly entered the scene and tried to laugh it off, making Rose see how fun it is to watch the cups fly. Luckily she bought it and we all laughed as I helped Rose pile up the cups for Jack to knock ’em down.

Cheap fun. Mama likes.


3 thoughts on “Cheap Fun With the Kids!

  1. Boy does that bring back memories!!! Aaron Addie and Gabby used to love to do that too!! Don’t forget all your mismatched margarine containers, bowls, and stuff. They love that too!! Actually Aaron still loves to build with blocks and he’s almost 12! Engineers in the making!

  2. I love cheap thrills! Yesterday I had Bailey help me match socks (and somewhat educational activity) and then after I balled them up, we played “sock toss.” Just some socks and a laundry basket kept her excited for a 1/2 an hour…and I got a chore done!
    Fun idea, Wendy!

  3. A friend of mine keeps a “cooking kit” for her daughter in her kitchen. A baggie with a few odd cups, spoons, play-doh, sprinkles, etc. She says that while she is cooking she lets her daughter cook, too! I don’t know why I haven’t tried it yet, myself! I also love to get the “Family Fun” magazine with lots of great ideas. Most of the time I say, “That’s a great idea, I should try it sometime!”( but sometimes I actually do them! ) Just call me a Mom-with-good-intentions!

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