Lynn Gaines – Quilt Art

"F" - Art Quilt by Lynn Gaines

"F" - Art Quilt by Lynn Gaines

I was one of the fortunate few to grab one of Lynn Gaines’s quilted pieces from her alphabet series (shown at the American Greetings Gallery a couple years back). I originally bought it while I was pregnant with my second baby. I told myself if I was having a girl, I would name her Faith… but if it was a boy, I would hang this piece in my daughter’s room. Our last name is Fedan, so I figured it still worked.

Lynn is an artist who works in the American Greetings Deisgn Studio. When I worked on AG’s ornament team, Lynn was one of the first artists I heard about. We based a mini ornament series on her cute bear style back in 1997.

I’m happy to have a few Lynn originals in my own home, thanks to her many gallery showings at AG World Headquarters. I have one of her handmade teddy bears and one precious framed piece as well. I’m happy Lynn is sharing her gift with the world by opening a blog/website so others can see what she’s up to. Check out her site!


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