Caricatures for The Cleveland Tea Party – one artist’s response to The 9-12 Project

A timely message from Dr. Suess, "Horton Hears a Who"

A timely message from Dr. Suess, "Horton Hears a Who"

Okay, this is the one exception I’ll make to my blogging rule (NO politics), because it criss-crosses into my professional life… just this once!

I am excited to announce I will be setting up my humble caricature stand at The Cleveland Tax Day Tea Party Event on April 15, 4:00-6:00pm!

I’m looking forward to updating my display board (it’s needed updating for quite a while — I still have Moulder & Scully, The X Files couple, and Will Smith from MIB as samples). This new board will be updated with political figures, of course, but it’s not my style to be nasty (I never want to offend), so I’ll keep the tone of my sketches down to a lighthearted tease. For the first time I’ll have the courage to display caricatures which express my own political views and I’ll have a couple there to honor some of the outspoken conservatives I enjoy (DARE I LIST THEM? Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly – and I’ll HAVE to do one of Ann Coulter – perhaps ducking from a cream pie – nyuk, nyuk).

The caricatures I do as display for this event will not likely be used at any other event, so I think I’ll offer them up for bidding afterward. Most caricature gigs I do are birthday parties, arts/cultural festivals – so I’ll still need to update my board. Maybe this time I’ll have Will Smith in an “I Am Legend” scene, fighting vampiric monsters. I gotta keep Will up on my board somehow – he’s one of my favorite actors.

The image I’ve chosen for this entry is quite symbolic for me. This book is one of my daughter’s favorites, and every time I read this page, I get a little choked up. The message is so incredibly timely, I feel.

So, OKAY, Dr. Suess! I’m shouting my “YOPP!”


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