Collage Therapy

My Trial of Collage Therapy

Trying Out Collage Therapy

A couple weeks ago I was feeling REALLY down in the dumps (that’s putting it mildly). Even my little giggling baby couldn’t make me smile. I knew there was something wrong with me. I woke up in tears that morning.

Then I took action.

I had just received my latest catalog from Femail Creations – one of those catalogs that I just love flipping through. That catalog has the greatest word messages used across their products and product descriptions. I grabbed my scissors and went to town, cutting out from the pages every sentance or image that made me feel happy.

Then I grabbed a postcard-sized piece of watercolor paper, filled an empty applesauce cup with water and ran upstairs to find some glue. The first one I found was really old. I’m not sure how it happened, but half way back down the stairs the thing exploded in my hands. Glue went all over my carpeted stairs! Somehow I didn’t flip out. I was determined to get back to my project, so I cleaned up the mess and proceeded to look for a less explosive glue bottle.

Found one.

I mixed the glue and water, dipped the clippings into it, and created a nice messy collage of words. The final result is what you see in the image above.

I got this idea initially from a woman who gave a lecture at a Dress For Success seminar hosted by Traci McBride, and I guess hanging out with Jenny Rohrs (Craft Therapist) has been a great influential force for me lately!

It’s amazing what playing with a little paper and glue can do for the soul!


One thought on “Collage Therapy

  1. Amen to collage. I have loved the art of collage since I discovered it in high school. I suppose that is why I like photoshop as well. It is collage without the glue. But nothing compares to assembling found treasures and assembling them into something new.

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