AWESOME Senior Student Art Show at Brush High School

Rose next to ceramic piece by China

Rose next to ceramic piece by China

On April 24 my family attended the Brush High School Senior Student Art Show awards reception in South Euclid/Lyndhurst. My husband’s cousin, Sarah Roche, had a wall of photography in the show and we were excited to bring the whole family to show our support. It was my first time at the school and I was extremely impressed to learn about the great art program they had there at the school. Not only does Brush have standard art classes, but they teach ceramics and photography processes as well! My old high school only taught standard Art (I had to go to a Career Center to take my AP Art classes), so I was thrilled to see that my kids will have the opportunity to go to a public school with such an advanced art program. I think it’s a good bet to judge the quality of a school by what kind of art program they have, because art is always the first program to suffer in public schools.

I took some pictures of Sarah’s great photography (she received a Judges’ Choice Award for one of her pieces), and I also took some photos of some of the other art in the show that impressed me.

My favorite pieces of Sarah’s were the ones she took of her brother. I loved the contemplative quality of those pieces. I could also see Sarah is gifted with an eye for composition. I could tell she enjoyed photography. The reproductions of work shown here are very poor due to my low-quality camera – the pieces were much clearer in person!

I was awestruck by another student’s work, Erica Woodrum. When I saw two of her paintings I seriously thought, “Are they exhibiting faculty work in here as well?” Again, my photographs do not do this girl’s work justice. Apparently she is moving on to attend Savannah College of Art and Design (I almost decided to go there, but Divine Guidance brought me to the Cleveland Institute of Art instead). I asked her if she was going to art school, knowing full well that was where this girl belonged. I wish her the best of luck in her endeavors – not that she’ll need it.

I also should note the ceramics at the show was very impressive, especially the work of a girl named China (still need to get her last name).

It sure was fun – and the punch was delicious!


2 thoughts on “AWESOME Senior Student Art Show at Brush High School

  1. Aww Wendy! this really made me smile. i am so glad you enjoyed the show! thank you so much!
    we really are lucky to have such great art programs at Brush, a lot of schools don’t. we almost lost them, back in november, if the levy hadn’t passed. thank goodness it did though, and hopefully more will in the future.
    but now i’m going off on a tangent, so i digress.
    thanks for your support, give my love to the fam 🙂

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