Easter Weekend – Messages from God, Mom, and my hairdresser!

My mom's sticker and Verva's Bible verses.

My mom's sticker and Verva's Bible verses.

It’s probably not a good idea to publish an article like this while job hunting, but I feel a strong urge to tell this story, so here it finally goes:

I had my own cross to bear on 2009 Easter weekend. I needed to make a very important decision concerning a job opportunity. OH MY GOSH – THREE DAYS (over Easter?)… This story just gets more and more symbolic for me (chills)!

My choice was presented to me Thursday night, before Good Friday. I was practically offered a management position, but there were some definite disadvantages about the position (including financial) despite the definite ADVANTAGE: It’s a JOB (for crying out loud), and a management job at that – plus I knew the job was perfect for me! However, it was strictly a summer job, and commission only (would it even cover my daycare costs?).
All I wanted to do was call my mom and talk about it, but I remembered the last advice she gave me over the phone, which was “Have you read your Bible?” I was determined I would not call her until I had done just that.

The next day (Good Friday) I received Easter cards from my mom. Each were adorned with cute little Easter/Spring stickers. I GASPED when I looked at the sticker on the back of the card addressed to me. It read: “Every road has two directions.” Although I still hadn’t called her, I was still getting a philosophical message from my mom – funny, I thought.

In the same pile of mail I also received a coupon from my dear hairdresser, Verva, who I REALLY needed to visit. Verva and I had discussed our faiths before, so I thought, HEY – maybe I can get some divine guidance and a haircut at the same time (two birds with one stone). I set up the appointment the next day (Saturday) and luckily she had a cancellation opening which I decided to grab. Finally as she was drying my hair I told her I had a big decision to make and wondered if she had a Bible verse to suggest to me.

God speaks to me often through His vessels, and I knew Verva would have something good for me. Besides, I hadn’t opened my Bible yet. I hoped for an arrow to point me to the right pages.

Verva said she would leave me a message with a couple Bible verse suggestions. After our meeting I felt at peace.

I turned on the TV that night and was happy to see Ben Hur was playing (my favorite Easter-related film). There were a couple quotes that struck me from that movie as well. One was when Messala (the evil Roman) stands tall to view his new army as appointed Governor. He says proudly, “Now the wheel has turned… I AM in command.” I couldn’t help but think after that quote about how I felt about being a manager. It was an opportunity I would like to have… but was this purely coming from my ego?

On the third day (Easter Sunday) I found Verva’s message on my machine. She left me two Bible verses. The one that struck the hardest was Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths.

Perhaps if I hadn’t already felt directed onto a certain path, I would have felt disappointed by the passage – but it was liberating to be reminded that God is the wise one. I believed in my decision, because I knew it was the True path. How did I know? Because my heart was following a path that weekend that only went in one direction, and the only way I know how to explain it is that God lives in my heart – so I know my heart is true.

It was a very hard thing to do, to turn down the management position that would have been offered to me. I was disappointing someone I liked and respected. But even now I know I made the right choice.

God is leading me somewhere… only He knows the destination… but if I follow faithfully I’ll eventually see the path clearly. Until then, I’ll stumble along as best I can. Isn’t that all we can do?


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