NC Artist’s Way Women’s Retreat at Lake Logan

My first “Create-A-Way” Artist’s Way Women’s Retreat in North Carolina took place May 29-31 at Lake Logan Episcopal Center.

It was such a wonderful experience (and I was the one organizing it!). I met some wonderful new people there. Lake Logan is certainly a place where God’s magic thrives. It is also a place where butterflies strive – I particularly enjoyed meeting the Red-Spotted Purple butterflies (which are actually blueish). They were fluttering all over the place. The butterfly has particular significance for me, as I have undergone extreme changes in my life over the past year.

Combining the ever-present butterflies and the religious/spiritual nature of Lake Logan Center, I knew I had chosen the perfect environment for our little retreat. We only had a group of fourteen women altogether, but it made for a comfortable group. Words really can’t express how meaningful the weekend was to me (dare I try?). Having my best friends from NC as well as my mom and sister present was of great personal joy. A dream come true, really.

We had a campfire the very first night (Friday) and it sure was fun. And I HAD to bring marshmallows!

I’ll surely post more details later, but could not let another day go by without posting something about this special event!

Thank you, God, for allowing it all to happen!

Here are some of my favorite photos from our weekend together!


One thought on “NC Artist’s Way Women’s Retreat at Lake Logan

  1. Hey Wendy,

    Just wanted to add my comments about the Artist’s Retreat in NC. It was inspiring, encouraging, peace filled, and just simply a joy! God’s glory was everywhere. From the brook to the mountain, from each participant, from each workshop leader; the Lord’s presence was definitely felt.

    Love you!!


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