Signs and Wonders – Spiritual Workshop for Create-A-Way!



At my Create-A-Way Retreat I also had conducted my first workshop, “Signs and Wonders,” which I also plan to conduct for Angel House in Strongsville, Ohio. I had such a great group for my workshop – it was wonderful! I even met a new woman, Faith, who I was thrilled to have in my workshop. I could not have asked for a more wonderful group of women to have in my workshop!

The workshop was originally supposed to be based on the book: Signs and Wonders by Albert Gaulden, but then I started reading another book which went even more into depth: Divine Guidance by Doreen Virtue. Both books were invaluable to me not only for the workshop, but also personally. I’ve striven for years to figure out how to explain to people “how I know I know” when I know God’s voice is leading me somewhere. Both these books do just that.

Signs and Wonders explains the different ways God speaks to us (which he calls “the new language”). Divine Guidance goes more into depth about our own personal connections with God (and His angels) and how he uses our own individual characteristics to channel messages to us. I encourage anyone to read both books. They are both very interesting, and to me they were highly inspirational.

I’m hoping to spread this workshop around – perhaps offering it to different churches around me as well.


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