My Murray Hill Art Walk

2008 - Monk, Green Gown

2008 - Monk, Green Gown - by Mark Yasenchak

This week I surprised myself by actually enjoying a couple hours of walking about Little Italy, Cleveland, Ohio. I never make time to go visit local galleries, but just happened to find myself going through the area one day this week and decided to stop at Presti’s bakery (an old friend from the college days). I enjoyed a meat stromboli, a bottle of Arizona iced tea, and of course a chocolate-filled croissant (can’t go to Presti’s without getting a pastry).

I sat outside Presti’s, enjoying the comfortable, sunny June day and wrote nearly four pages in my journal – the first time opening my journal to write for months. Ahhh… it was great.

When the shops finally opened, I began my own Murray Hill art walk. I always seem to miss the official Murray Hill Art Walk that happens every year near the beginning of June. This was my time to catch up on the local galleries.

I first visited a great little boutique called Xen Gift Gallery. The items in the window called to me, and I spent a good amount of time in there, gathering inspiration for  jewelry-making, and took home a few little souvenirs (I’m just helping out the economy, okay?).

Next I entered the Brian Jones Gallery and spent a good amount of time talking to the man in there. For some reason I was drawn to the ceramic pieces the most.

Another place I visited (stumbled upon) was Juma Gallery where I fell in love with some ceramic work by Mark Yasenchak. I especially loved his “Monk” series – I fell in love with one in particular and had to put a bit of money down on it as layaway. Yeah, I’m poor, but oh well… I just had to have it. The piece was so calming – and I felt very inspired by the colors and patterns of the piece – I’ll probably use it as inspiration for some polymer clay work I want to do.

I came away from Murray Hill, Little Italy feeling very excited and wanting to get my hands messy with clay. As soon as I got home, I scratched out some ideas on loose paper so I wouldn’t forget what I felt inspired to make. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to post my own work to show, here.


2 thoughts on “My Murray Hill Art Walk

  1. Sounds like a nice time, Wendy. Brought back some great memories. Nothing like going art and treasure hunting for inspiration. Reminds me that I haven’t done enough of it myself lately. Wherever I live I always try to have an “art buddy” so that when events like that happen I can plan to meet up there. (and have an excuse to go so that I don’t!) But I haven’t found one here yet. Mental note… Can’t wait to see where this inspiration leads you!

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