My Memento Beads from CraftTestDummies Workshop – NC Artist’s Way Retreat

Memento BeadsI really enjoyed making my Memento Bead necklace and earrings at Jenny Barnett Rohrs’ (CraftTestDummies) workshop. This was at my Artist’s Way Women’s Retreat in North Carolina this past May. A wonderful experience! I love coming back from a weekend like that with at least one handmade memento as a souvenir of our time together.

We were supposed to bring dried flowers (flowers of symbolic or real importance) to crumble and mix into the clay. I brought dandelions picked by my daughter in memory of not only my little girl who LOVES dandelions, but also of my beloved Aunt Wendy who was famous in the family for making and drinking dandelion tea. I also used some of my mom’s rose petals she brought from her own garden (my daughter’s name is Rose, so they had even more significance).

I was thrilled to have enough clay to make beads to fill a necklace as well as two pairs of earrings and I used the leftover two beads to make a little pendant. This was my first attempt at making jewelry.

A couple weeks later I finally cashed in my Michael’s gift card and got some jewelry-making supplies to finish off some old projects I plan to post next. I’m pretty happy – and excited – with the results!


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