My ARTbundance Muse!

Wendy's ARTbundance Muse

Wendy's ARTbundance Muse

I have begun the ARTbundance Coach Training program with Artella and am really enjoying the process! I wanted to post my first assignment which was to create my own muse. This is an image of my Great Aunt Wendy who had the same birthday as me (she passed away last year). She will always be an inspiration to me – a VERY creative individual! She made dandelion tea (grew a dandelion patch in her garden), painted illustrative murals on her walls, and made art from found objects. I can’t imagine a better person to use as my personal muse. I used as many sparkly things I could find and decorated the board with them – symbolizing my hope that my muse will catch my attention at odd times of the day and reflect light and inspiration into my heart when I might be feeling down or stressed.

I knew I wanted to use the phrase “Trust the Journey” since I feel my path for the past year has been one of faith. The birthday candle is from my 2-year old boy’s birthday cake this year. It symbolizes the beginning of my own new journey in this training process.


Journey to Lily Dale

"Tree Figure" sketch by Wendy Fedan

"Tree Figure" sketch by Wendy Fedan

I had a wonderful business-related day-trip this week with my friend Polly. We discovered and explored an old spiritual community called Lily Dale, in New York state. Apparently it’s the largest community of spiritualists in the world. Very interesting place to visit. We acted as photo journalists out there, and took countless photographs of the gorgeous trees and flowers around the area. We also walked the fairy trail (made me feel like a child again). Polly left some candy there and I left a piece of reflective mica stone I had been keeping in my purse for months, which I had picked up on a walk through Lake Logan, NC.

I’m sharing a sketch inspired by those beautifully twisted and knarled trees that filled me with inspiration. These trees were amazing – the old wise sages of Lily Dale.

Building Bridges – Affordable Fine Art Classes!

I am very excited to be coordinating a Fine Art Class program for Building Bridges!

Our class offering is listed below. Please check out the Building Bridges ’09 Art Program website for further details!

I’m very excited to be leading an Artist’s Way Study Group Series as one of these classes, too.

“Intermediate Drawing”  instructed by Kristen Boyesen: Tuesdays, Sept.22-Oct.27 (6:30-8:30pm).
“Watercolor Basics” instructed by Emily Garrett: Tuesdays, Sept.22-Oct.27 (6:30-8:30pm).
“Artist’s Way Series” instructed by Wendy Fedan: Tuesdays, Sept.15-Dec.1 (7:00-8:00pm).
“Portrait Drawing for Beginners” instructed by Michael Wohl: Thursdays, Sept.24-Oct.29 (6:30-8:30pm).
“Art of Comics” instructed by Kevin Czapiewski: Thursdays, Sept.24-Oct.29 (6:30-8:30pm).
“Basic Oil Painting” instructed by Danielle Camino: Saturdays, Sept.26-Oct.31 (1:00-3:00pm).
“Jewelry Art – Advanced Techniques Made Simple” instructed by Sarah Pierce: Saturdays, Sept.26-Oct.31 (1:00-3:00pm).
“Intersections – Collage Journaling & The Art of Life” instructed by Judith Angelo: Saturdays, Oct.3-Oct.24 (2:00-5:00pm).

“Write Now” Necklace Creation

"Write Now" necklace creationI created the pendant for this piece at a workshop led by Jenny Rohrs ( It’s very precious to me – I hate to sell it, but I’m aiming to gain extra income in various ways, so I need to learn to let go. Visit my Etsy shop for details or to purchase!

Jenny Rohrs has really inspired me to delve into the realm of juicy handcraftiness. I’m lovin’ it! And I’m thrilled to finally give this technique a try – something I’ve thought about for over a year now (finding new ways to showcase and sell my own artwork).

I can’t wait to do more!

Accepted into Artella’s Inaugural ARTbundance Coach Training Program!

actlogo-medI’m very excited to be accepted into Artella’s ARTbundance Coach Training Program. It’s going to be a meaningful investment of my time, I’m sure. I’m looking forward to recording my progress in the program as time goes on.

I’ve been interested in training to be a Creativity Coach of some kind to gain certification and this seems to fit my current path.

Training officially begins August 10, but this week we’ll be doing some introductory work. I’m continuing to do freelance and working with Building Bridges as usual in the meantime – but I could not pass up this opportunity – it called to me.

Oh boy! More work to do! Am I crazy?