My ARTbundance Muse!

Wendy's ARTbundance Muse

Wendy's ARTbundance Muse

I have begun the ARTbundance Coach Training program with Artella and am really enjoying the process! I wanted to post my first assignment which was to create my own muse. This is an image of my Great Aunt Wendy who had the same birthday as me (she passed away last year). She will always be an inspiration to me – a VERY creative individual! She made dandelion tea (grew a dandelion patch in her garden), painted illustrative murals on her walls, and made art from found objects. I can’t imagine a better person to use as my personal muse. I used as many sparkly things I could find and decorated the board with them – symbolizing my hope that my muse will catch my attention at odd times of the day and reflect light and inspiration into my heart when I might be feeling down or stressed.

I knew I wanted to use the phrase “Trust the Journey” since I feel my path for the past year has been one of faith. The birthday candle is from my 2-year old boy’s birthday cake this year. It symbolizes the beginning of my own new journey in this training process.


2 thoughts on “My ARTbundance Muse!

  1. This is lovely— and almost exactly like what we will be doing at Lakeside. We won’t strictly stick to the ‘Muse” theme, but the process is the same. Glad you got your practice in, and I love the piece! Craft on, Jenny

    • Thanks for the comment, Jenny! I’m lovin’ how this coach training is done in a very creative way – these are called “ARTsignments.” Mucho fun – a good way to exercise my crafty skills – and I must admit I’m using techniques we’ve done together on our artist play dates! Got my hands messy with glue and glitter on this one! Yay!

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