“Unemployment REVIVAL Guide” – FREE Download!


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No tricks – only treats!

It’s been on my mind to do this free download to spread around for a while now. Instead of calling it the “Survival Guide,” I wanted to brighten it up by calling it the “REVIVAL Guide.”  It’s a small collection of simple ideas to keep yourself sane through the weeks/months/years of unemployment. I hope it helps to generate interest in my site(s), but mainly I felt moved to do this for fun, and just spread around what I’ve learned from my own experience being “unemployed.”

Please come visit, check it out!

Click on “WELCOME” and then “FREE GOODIES.”

I’ve created a new website specifically for my Create-A-Way work. This is work that is geared more toward my Artist’s Way and ARTbundance(TM) retreats and workshops – as well as my “Signs & Wonders” spiritual direction.

I still have a lot to do to my new website, but have a link to my original website, wfedan.webs.com (click on the “Wendy’s Art” button on the new site).