The Seeker and The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree

Hey, I actually wrote a poem this week (PoeTREE?)! I was musing about my final ARTbundance Coach Training project and started thinking about the Banyan tree. I was simply looking for images to use as reference and happened upon a great poem by Tikuli Dogra. It inspired me to write my own poem. Well, maybe it’s more about the seeker and God than the tree – you decide. I also learned that apparently Buddha had found enlightenment while meditating under a banyan tree. I have strong memories of the banyan tree. My “Nana and Soupy” (grandmother & great-grandmother) introduced me to the banyan while visiting with them in Boca Grande, Florida. I was mesmerized by this tree – it looks like an accident of nature.

The Seeker and The Banyan Tree – By Wendy Fedan

Sunbeams of enlightenment
through the myriad of branches
shine from heaven
onto shoulders of the seeker.

The seeker requests, Inspire me, ancient one.
A butterfly lands on his arm
and he brushes it away.

Tell me the answers I seek
, he asks.
Branches creak, leaves rustle
as a mighty wind passes through.
A flock of gulls approach.
He scorns at their squawking as they fly over.

Show me the path, he tries once more.
A cloud moves
allowing a bright ray through branches
landing full on the seeker’s face.
He shields his eyes, squints and looks down.

Annoyed, the seeker wanders away
concluding one can never find enlightenment
beneath a banyan tree.