The Seeker and The Banyan Tree

The Banyan Tree

Hey, I actually wrote a poem this week (PoeTREE?)! I was musing about my final ARTbundance Coach Training project and started thinking about the Banyan tree. I was simply looking for images to use as reference and happened upon a great poem by Tikuli Dogra. It inspired me to write my own poem. Well, maybe it’s more about the seeker and God than the tree – you decide. I also learned that apparently Buddha had found enlightenment while meditating under a banyan tree. I have strong memories of the banyan tree. My “Nana and Soupy” (grandmother & great-grandmother) introduced me to the banyan while visiting with them in Boca Grande, Florida. I was mesmerized by this tree – it looks like an accident of nature.

The Seeker and The Banyan Tree – By Wendy Fedan

Sunbeams of enlightenment
through the myriad of branches
shine from heaven
onto shoulders of the seeker.

The seeker requests, Inspire me, ancient one.
A butterfly lands on his arm
and he brushes it away.

Tell me the answers I seek
, he asks.
Branches creak, leaves rustle
as a mighty wind passes through.
A flock of gulls approach.
He scorns at their squawking as they fly over.

Show me the path, he tries once more.
A cloud moves
allowing a bright ray through branches
landing full on the seeker’s face.
He shields his eyes, squints and looks down.

Annoyed, the seeker wanders away
concluding one can never find enlightenment
beneath a banyan tree.


3 thoughts on “The Seeker and The Banyan Tree

  1. Thank you Wendy .. this is a wonderful poem by you. I am glad my poem found a place in your heart. Nature inspires us in many a joyous ways. I love the visual effect of the sofly flowing poem here. keep sharing. Do visit again and critique more of my poems.
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Wendy,

    Your poem is so true for so many!! So many search but can’t see the answers when they’re given to them. I wonder if most of the time it’s because the answers are not what they are looking for. Do we really want God’s will or do we want God’s will to be what we want? I’m guilty. But I am learning. As the Great Nana and Mother Superior “Soupy” always said, “Don’t worry, be happy”.



    • Absolutely, Mum! I’ve been getting so many signs of things lately and it’s so funny. I’ve been so resistant to His messages, because they are not exactly what I want. At least we’re aware of it, right? 🙂

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