Holy Water Painting – Luke 23:34

While most people are thinking about Christmas, my mind seems to be on Easter. The process of working on these Holy Water Paintings has brought me into a state of reflection, and God has really been speaking to my heart as I work on these. This piece in particular I developed while working on a multiple spread of what I call background sheets (developing the background, base art on which to paint the illustrated Bible verses). I decided to use one whole sheet to explore a concept that suddenly hit me.

I dripped the watery paint across the page and used a straw to blow streaks outward – a technique I remembered from high school. Sometimes I would have to blow really hard through the straw and of course my saliva would come out onto the page, on the other end. Repulsed at first, I thought, “OH NO. These are supposed to be Holy Water paintings – not spit paintings!” But then I thought about the deeper meaning that was going into this. I remembered the crowd who spat upon Jesus as they followed him to the place of his crucifixion. I thought about the hate that followed him to the cross… and then the answer was evident to me about which Bible verse to paint onto this piece: “Father, forgive them…” I am teary-eyed, just thinking about this. Through all the horror and hatefulness he endured, in the end he did not lose his love for mankind. Like a mother’s love for her child, his love and sympathy for man endured, despite their ignorant hatred.

I had tears in my eyes as I painted the final words on the piece. This piece I am keeping for myself to frame and hang in my home. I will be making another version of it to sell, but this first one I keep for my own collection. I am currently calling and emailing churches in Ohio to try getting these pieces into church art galleries, and this piece will follow the show, listed not for sale.

I love the tenderness and magic of Christmas, but it is hard for me to think about the Birth without also remembering the Death — which was the purpose for the birth. Any time I see a film about the Nativity, I cry when I see the baby Jesus, knowing the fate that awaits the innocent babe. As a mother, it tears me up.


Authentic Holy Water Paintings

I’ve finally completed my first batch of Holy Water Paintings just in time for the Christmas season!

These are great gift ideas for your “Faithful Friends!”

I have created these paintings using sacred Holy Water mixed with watercolor paints. It took a while for me to decide what the subject matter should be for these pieces, and finally decided on Bible verses (What could be more appropriate?).

I am very excited to offer this new innovative technique and art expression to people of faith.

The Holy Water used for my paintings was acquired from Saint Ann’s Shrine in Cleveland, Ohio. The other materials (paints, paper, brushes) have been blessed by a priest. My hope is that the purity of spirit is blessed into each of these paintings and will spread special Holy Blessings onto you.

Each painting is signed on the back and my “Blessings To You” cross icon is also painted on the backside of each piece.