I am a Blog Writer for CraftsUnleashed.com!

I just have to post about my new gig — I am the official Fine Art writer for CraftsUnleashed.com. It’s a wonderful deal… I choose a product to experiment with from Consumer Crafts and then create a project with it, as well as review it. I feel like this is a milestone for me because for once I am writing for someone else instead of just for myself. Even though I don’t get paid in $$, I get reimbursed for my time by keeping the art materials I play with. Art materials are not cheap. So, really I am getting paid for my writing (YAY!)– with art materials instead of money.

Let’s only hope I can keep up with the demand for articles (two per month). This is a great way to keep my writing skills toned, and to force myself to do hands-on artwork (I do so much artwork on the computer these days — feels good to get my hands dirty with paints again).

Check out my very first article for Crafts Unleashed!