Carl Sagan’s 4th Dimension Analogy ~ “Um… Isn’t He Talking About GOD?”

I was watching Cosmos miniseries documentary with my husband last week (yeah, we’re geeks) and was awestruck by Carl Sagan’s explanation of the fourth dimension (see video). Sagan gives the analogy of “3-D character meets flatland” to explain our relationship and non-understanding of the 4th dimension.

SAGAN’S ANALOGY (paraphrased):

Imagine our world, our universe, and everything we know as FLAT as a sheet of paper (FLATTER, because even paper has thickness). Imagine we live in this “flatland”/2-D plane with NO concept of “UP” or “DOWN.” Then along comes a 3-D object like an apple. We do not even notice it until it crosses our plane of existence — and even then, we have no idea what the apple is. We see only a fragment as it passes through our plane. There is no way we can comprehend the 3-D quality/dimension of the apple, because it is more than we can understand. We only have the evidence of what has passed through our plane.

The whole time I am listening to Carl Sagan’s explanation, all I can think is, “Hey, Carl! Don’t you know you’re talking about God?

Sagan’s explanation of the 4th dimension (to me) clearly ALSO illustrated our communication relationship with God. I’m talking about how we hear God, and how we recognize Him in our lives.

We see God everywhere. If you read or watch Lee Strobel’s The Case For A Creator, you will see my point of view as well — that science actually points a finger to God — it doesn’t explain Him away. But we only see fragments of God here on earth. We can’t see or even understand the “big picture.” That’s where our faith comes in. We believe the “Big Apple” is up there, but all we have as PROOF it is a series of fragments left in our (flat) world/existence. These fragments range anywhere from DNA “signatures” to those “Signs and Wonders” God uses to communicate to us.

How ironic it is! Carl Sagan (a skeptic of faith-based ideas) presented an excellent analogy of our relationship to God. Way to go, Carl!


Abundance Granted!

My SoulCollage® Card - "Abundance to Wendy"

I feel an urgency to write this story…

I’ll be writing an entry soon (will link to it here) about a recent workshop I helped put together as well as attended for my own enjoyment. At this workshop, I created a “SoulCollage® Card” which I am calling my “Abundance Card.” It was the largest card I created that day, and it basically illustrated my desire to be blessed with material wealth. I’ll take what God dishes out to me, of course. If this means having just enough money to feel stable, great! If it means being blessed with enough money to share with others, even better! Hands from heaven poured down golden coins in my image. I have placed it in our TV/play room where I can see it most often, trying out that ole “Law of Attraction” theory!

Well, I’ve had this “Abundance” card displayed for over a week now. One expected small check has come in the mail, but no surprises until yesterday afternoon. I picked up my kids at daycare and happened upon a cute little scene: My daughter’s best friend, AJ, had a modest crumpled handful of carefully folded dollar bills, and he was giving them out to his friends. He gave one to my daughter, Rose, and realized he had accidentally given her two folded together. Then he turned to me.

AJ's Gift

Looking up at me with innocent eyes, he said, “Mrs. Fedan, here’s one for you!”

There was no way that four-year-old boy could possibly know how he touched my heart. I thought I would cry (as I’m doing now as I type this story). AJ knew nothing of my financial concerns. The truth is that one dollar IS a big deal to me — nothing to be sneezed at. Things are THAT tight these days. But a dollar is also a big deal to a four-year-old (like a $20 bill would be for a grown up). I knelt down on the floor in front of him, and he placed the folded bill in my hand.

With moist eyes, I said, “Oh, AJ… I don’t think I can take this from you.” I placed it back in his hand and touched his little fingers. “But how about you take this home and put it in your own piggy bank?” I gave him a great big bear hug.

The dollar image I have shown on this post is the dollar AJ gave to my daughter, Rose. When I scanned it to use for this post, another interesting thing happened — I’m not sure how. The color ended up extremely dark, and the white of the bill appears GOLDEN in color (remindful of the golden coins flowing down from those heavenly hands!). I tried scanning it a second time, pressing down on the scanner cover, and it didn’t make a difference.

“It’s a sign,” I muttered to myself.

“You have to live spherically – in many directions.

Never lose your childish enthusiasm – and things will come your way.”

~ Federico Fellini (1920 – 1993)