Serendipity ~ Vessels and Fortunate Occurrances

I have finally found time to do some playful crafting lately, while reviewing products for Consumer Crafts’s Having a lot of fun!

Here I wanted to get more personal about the project and talk a little more about what Serendipity has meant in my life these days. I plan to use the vessels as an opening ceremony project for at least one of my retreats this year.

Serendipity has been a huge part of my life lately. I’ve been recognizing serendipity & synchronicity working frequently in my life. It’s amazing how often you see it happening when you really pay attention. The funniest event was when my husband and I stopped in Portsmouth, New Hampshire on our way back from a cousin’s wedding last year. We had never been to Portsmouth before, and were uncertain where we would end up to park so we could look around. It was a Saturday – the city was bustling. We couldn’t believe it, but we ended up (without planning) in the HEART of Portsmouth downtown, at a convenient little curb spot. I looked up from our parking spot, and I could NOT believe the name of the gift shop that was RIGHT THERE by the parking spot we found:

I of course saved the bag from the store and decided to use it as one of the scraps for my Serendipity Vessel project:

You can read the write-up on how to make these fun creations at my post.


5 thoughts on “Serendipity ~ Vessels and Fortunate Occurrances

  1. Amazing how these things happen. A little message from God. I have been finding dimes in unexpected places lately. Could be cooincidence but I’d like to think it’s a message from above that I am not alone.
    Love the vessel. How fun!!

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