Creative Dreams!

Dreaming of visiting the Grand Canyon!

In response to a wonderful blog I found, and also to prepare myself for SARK’s new “Dream Boogie” program, I’m listing a bunch of dreams ~ new and old ~ wild and wonderful. Thought I’d step out a bit and share.

  1. Visit the Grand Canyon.
  2. See Devil’s Tower (I’m a big Close Encounters fan).
  3. Sit down and have tea with my muses (SARK, Marney Makridakis, Violette, Andrea Schroeder, etc., etc.).
  4. Start my own publishing business!
  5. Get my own books published!
  6. Have my own “Create-A-Way Cottage!” A fun little haven to hold mini-retreats and single workshops!
  7. Paint murals in, on, and around my house.
  8. Take a nap every once in a while.
  9. Sleep in.
  10. Make a movie! – even a short one.
  11. Not worry so much about money.
  12. Visit England, Ireland, and Italy. Gotta try Japan, too ~ and Uruguay.
  13. Live in Alaska or Vancouver, Canada for a year.


4 thoughts on “Creative Dreams!

  1. Do you know the website. You can record there 43 things you want to do, dreams you have, etc. Great reminder to print them out and out it on your desk. I love it that even if I lose some of those dreams on the way I still have a reminder of them on the site.
    Judit – CreativitySage

  2. Hello ! I’m in the Creating Dreams Come true Adventure too and I notice we share some dreams : publishing books and going to Italy ! I could just spend 4 days there and it’s wonderful

    Scylliane, from France

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