Creativity Prayer ~ by Andrea Schroeder

I love this gal’s website, and discovered her original site a couple years ago.


5 thoughts on “Creativity Prayer ~ by Andrea Schroeder

    • My pleasure! Thanks for leaving the comment, Andrea! Man, I wish I lived closer to you so I could take your workshops! I definitely want to be part of your “Creative Dreamer” adventure, too! Do you still have your “Creative Spa?” That’s what originally helped me find your site years ago – I dream lately of having what I’d call my “Create-A-Way Cottage!”

      • i don’t have the creative spa anymore. i am now renting that space out to two really wonderful people and was doing my workshops mostly at the centre for conscious living in winnipeg, but next i want to bring them online.
        your create-a-way cottage sounds fantastic!

  1. I was once so inspired after attending church again I had been away from prayer and church for awhile. I put together a fabric book titled “Prayer Book for the Stubborn Heart”, seven prayers for each day of the week asking for guidance with pictures and sewing, printed works and hand dyed fabrics. I should find a way to share it, this book represents a turning point in my life. Prayer changes things, sometimes when I am making something for someone I say a blessing as I do it, I cannot explain the quiet joy and peace it brings.

    • If you ever post it anywhere, please let me know! Sounds wonderful! If you are able to scan/photograph good quality digital images of your book pages, it wouldn’t take much at all to turn it into an e-book format that you could VERY EASILY share with others (and sell off your own website, too). If you have any questions about this, let me know!

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