“Dream Boogie” Reflection: Turtles on Parade!

Turtles on Parade ~ By Rose Fedan

SARK’s “Dream Boogie” program is really doing a lot for me already, just getting back into the social networking scene again. It has been a great place to meet and communicate others (like-hearted souls). One thing I’ve come to realize lately is that I feel like a turtle, sticking my head out, taking that chance to share and expose my dreams to others – especially out loud in the teleclass.

When I stick my neck out, however, that really is when I feel happiest lately. My daughter drew this wonderful picture of a turtle (below) which I am putting in a frame and putting it up somewhere special. It totally illustrates how I feel about sticking my head out (look at that big happy face) to express something that is real in my heart. It also perfectly illustrates how joyful I feel getting started in this fun program, ready to be inspired and encouraged by all my fellow dreamers.

The top image which I’ve called “Parade of Turtles” is something Rose just drew today (she was very encouraged by my excited reaction to the first turtle, she had to draw MORE). This image (to me) illustrates the variety of dreamers we have in the group. Notice a couple in the front have WHEELS (ha!). But the slower turtles in back still have their smiley faces, so are obviously happy going their own slow pace, knowing IT’S ALL ABOUT THE JOURNEY.

"Wendy the Turtle, Happy Head OUT" ~ by Rose Fedan


2 thoughts on ““Dream Boogie” Reflection: Turtles on Parade!

    • Rose is 4 3/4 yrs old. She’ll be five at the end of August. I am totally loving all the wonderful drawings she’s doing. I love the way she beams when I gawk over her artwork.

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