The Secret ~ Law of Attraction

I was thrilled to find this wonderful clip on YouTube from this amazing movie. I read the book and watched the movie. I highly recommend it!
I have to add — the “ABUNDANCE” card that I’ve had up in my TV room since January must be doing the “Law of Attraction” trick for both me and my husband. We’ve gone from scraping by (barely affording groceries and mortgage costs) to now having money in the bank to keep us okay for a while! I’ve even been able to help out a friend in trouble on occasion because of it.

Thank you, God!


2 thoughts on “The Secret ~ Law of Attraction

  1. My life is really messy right now, things are not right. I will try now to think more positive because now I realize I have been so negative. I have to come back with positive when negative is breathing down my neck.

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