I’m Working… Yes, really!

Thank you, God, for filling my cup of inspiration today!

There is a line I love in Ben Hur ~ Joseph is speaking with a neighbor who is complaining that Jesus has not finished making a table (neglecting his “work”).

[the neighbor examines some boards which have not been assembled]
Neighbor: My table is not finished. Where is your son?
Joseph: He’s walking in the hills.
Neighbor: [disapproving] Mm-hm. He neglects his work, Joseph.
Joseph: No. Once I reproached him with forgetting his work. He said to me, “I must be about my Father’s business.”
Neighbor: Then why isn’t he here, working?
Joseph: [smiling] He’s working.

I think of this often lately when doing my Dream Boogie class and other workshops that fill me with great creative spirit and inspiration. Taking a walk, a nice hot bath, time out to read or write, and connect with my friends online via Facebook or other social network activities. ~ these all seem frivolous to my inner critic who tells me I need to “get back to work.”

The truth is, when involved in Creative Ministry ~ and ministry of any kind ~ you need to keep in touch with your soul. You need to stay right with the Higher Power (I call Him God). Keep yourself fulfilled creatively ~ keep yourself inspired. Keep your cup of inspiration full. It might look to others like you’re “just playing around,” but you know the truth: that keeping yourself inspired IS your job – your responsibility.

Keep working!


4 thoughts on “I’m Working… Yes, really!

  1. So true, Wendy! If you are not full and connected to your Source, how can you be able to help someone else connect? If you are not operating from a place of Oneness, how can you teach about the One? I love it!

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