Dreaming On ~ With SARK’s Dream Boogie!

I have SO enjoyed my experience with SARK’s Dream Boogie. I have attended the spring session, and I’m happy to go ahead and sign up for the summer session as well. I highly encourage you to sign up, too! This week’s first class is FREE, so at least sign up for the free class to sample what it’s all about!!

Going in to Dream Boogie, all I was hoping for was to gain some direction for my dreams and also to gather more inspiration and motivation to move forward with my dreams. What I received from the experience was SO much more than I expected. I began to dream bigger than ever, brainstorming NEW dream ideas, and then came the epiphany of WHICH dream to focus on first (my angels helped me out with this part, I believe).

The biggest surprise from this Dream Boogie class was what I got out of the Boogie Bean Community forum. I have always felt like a loner when it comes to dreaming, feeling like dreams are to be kept inside – not to be shared with the world until they start to take real form. NOT TRUE. Thanks to this class, I have learned to LET MY DREAMS OUT OF THE BOX. Yes, I will keep my dreams to myself when I feel they are too fragile to meet the world ~ but I’ve learned that I need to share my dreams with others at some point, in order to gain SUPPORT.

SUPPORT ~ this is the biggest advantage I’ve gained from Dream Boogie ~ SUPPORT for my dreams. I cannot thank my fellow Boogie Beans enough for the support they’ve given me through this program. I’m looking forward to meeting more NEW Boogie Beans who sign up for the summer class, too!

SO ~ the message I want to share from my experience:

Do not keep your dreams trapped inside you. It’s good to do that when your dream is still in the gestation stage, but at some point you will need to share your dream ~ even with one person (someone you trust to be supportive). This helps to nourish your dream, and will allow it to grow and develop. DREAM ON!


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