Purchase Artwork by David Fedan ~ My Hubby!

Perception of Beauty ~ by David Fedan

Please visit FineArtAmerica.com to view my husband’s page, and purchase a print of his work! I have helped set up a page for him because I love his work so much, and have been longing to show the world his marvelous talent!

Please visit his website as well to view other work he has done. I’m so proud of him! His latest piece, shown above, is my new favorite. He calls it “Perception of Beauty,” but I lovingly call it his “Fairy Drawing.” I look at it and I see a beautiful fairy peeking out from a garden. I LOVE it.

David and I met in art school, ended up in the same department, and now we are both professional artists. I was very happy that I got to know him as a friend BEFORE seeing what an incredibly talented guy he is. When I discovered his amazing rendering super power, I felt like I was dating the quarterback at school (since our art school had no sports team, that was pretty much it).

I’m very proud of David, and always have been.

Here’s to you, David! Love you!


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