Writing ~ “The HARD is What Makes it Great.”

Les Roberts, an admired local Cleveland writer, often visited my creative writing class years ago. He gave wonderful motivational speeches on writing. After hearing him I wanted to run home and WRITE, WRITE, WRITE. There is a quote he mentioned in almost every talk he gave, by Tom Hanks from A League of Their Own. Watch the video above to get the full effect. The quote is about baseball, but it ALSO heavily applies to writing as well. If you are a writer, you’ll understand. If you are a writer, you don’t feel complete without expressing yourself on paper, whether it is in your journal, or plugging along on your next short story, poem, article, or novel.

I’ve never really thought writing as fun – it’s just something I have to do. Why? Because I am a writer. I can’t explain it. Before I knew how to read, I gazed into picture-less books, wondering what the mysterious symbols meant. I wondered why some letters and words were grouped together. I wondered why sometimes there would be only a few words on one line. What are the rules of writing? I wondered.

Writing is hard. It has never come easily to me. I always felt jealous of the prodigies. But I can never leave it. Why? This quote says it all:

“It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The HARD is what makes it great.”


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