Life’s Greatest Hits ~ Inspired By Charlie (from LOST)

My husband and I have been watching the LOST series from borrowed DVD sets, and I felt inspired by the episode where one of my favorite characters, Charlie, dies. The inspiring part of it was the fact that he knew he was going to die, and decided to write down a list of “Charlie’s Greatest Hits” — a Greatest Hits list of his most treasured life events. I told myself I would try to do this, and I encourage you to try it out, too.

Wendy’s Greatest Hits (from earliest memory to most recent):

  • My first solo flight from Canada to Florida to visit Nana and Soupy – I was very little. My security toy, Puppy, was buckled in the seat next to me. The flight attendant gave me a wings pin.
  • Chased away a bully (3 grades older than me) with my umbrella in the schoolyard – elementary school.
  • Reaching finalist level in a Shakespeare competition (Middle School).
  • Getting a long stream of laughter from a one-liner on stage during a High School performance – played “Green” in  “True Colors.”
  • Drama teacher stopped us in the middle of practicing The Crucible to point out the pace of the scene we just did was PERFECT – I played Mary Warren, screaming “shut up!” to the girls in the courtroom.
  • Winning the “biggest fish” award at Camp Bearwalla – winning against all the boy fisherman at camp!
  • My BFA presentation before graduating from CIA (Cleveland Institute of Art).
  • My first apartment, living alone.
  • Watching my nephew being born.
  • My wedding day.
  • Getting my CTM in Toastmasters, and EVERY Toastmasters trophy and award I earned since (marked the beginning of a new life, ENDING my prison-fear of public speaking).
  • Watching my one-month old daughter on ultrasound – the little peanut was DANCING! I cried.
  • My daughter’s birth.
  • My son’s birth.
  • Breastfeeding my baby boy at the Cleveland Hopkins Airport ~ I just felt like if I was able to do that, I could do ANYTHING!
  • Couching Session with SARK, where she expresses her support for the book I’m writing.

Many of my “Greatest Hits” I realize I’ve written poems or short stories about (see links). I always have to do that, it seems. I want a record of how the most memorable moments of my life have impacted me. I need to record the emotions, before they begin to dull, inspiration still fresh.

More Greatest Hits to be remembered later, I’m sure…


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