NEVER say NEVER ~ Miracle Girl’s Night Out ~ A Rejoining of Childhood Friends

Left to right: Trenda, Lou Anne, Rebecca, Edie, and me.

I recently took a long visit down to North Carolina to visit my family and friends, bringing my kids with me. It was an adventure!

One wonderful surprise that happened was the reunion of our original friendship ring from middle & high school (Piedmont High from Monroe, NC). This was the first time since graduation we had all been able to go out like this.

My friend, Trenda (first on the left), had a great idea for everyone around the table to answer the question: “What is your list of NEVERs?” – Things you have done or are doing since high school that you originally told yourself you would NEVER do? It was an excellent question. When it was my turn, I had trouble at first coming up with ideas, and added more NEVERs to my list as the night wore on. I thought I’d write about them as well, to see how many more NEVERs I could come up with.

So here it is – MY LIST OF NEVERS (proof that one should NEVER say NEVER):

  • I would NEVER move away from my family and friends in NC ~ Ended up living in Cleveland, OH permanently after college.
  • I would NEVER be able to speak in front of people ~ Since then I’ve earned several public speaking trophies from Toastmasters, and have also earned my Advanced Communicator award.
  • I would NEVER be a leader ~ After many years in Toastmasters, I was elected President of my club, earned the Competent Leader award three times, and I also lead women’s creative retreats and workshops, now.
  • I would NEVER be a freelancer (too unstable) ~ I’ve been living as a freelancer for the past two years, now – a wonderfully flexible lifestyle I’m enjoying until a stable job opportunity comes my way. Lovin’ it, actually.
  • I would NEVER change my religion (Baptist) ~ Finally made the move to turn Catholic after getting married and doing some serious soul-searching.
  • I would NEVER enjoy or be good at marketing ~ I’ve learned that when it comes to marketing something or someone I really believe in, it can actually be EASY and FUN.
  • I would NEVER learn to love boiled eggs ~ I cannot believe it, but lately I’ve been snacking on them for fun. Where did this new craving come from??
  • I would NEVER gain weight (was naturally underweight all through HS) ~ After having two kids, VOILA! OY!
  • I would NEVER be able to look at myself in the mirror and SMILE at myself ~ I’m finally there! I’m believing in myself and my dreams, now. It has been an incredible journey into self love. Thanks be to God and all His messengers in heaven and on earth who have helped me towards this.

6 thoughts on “NEVER say NEVER ~ Miracle Girl’s Night Out ~ A Rejoining of Childhood Friends

  1. Wendy!
    Thank you so much for sharing! Your message was truely inspiring!
    I used to think I would never get married. Well, as you know, I am engaged to a wonderful man who has four awesome kids!
    I am truely blessed as well.
    I can’t wait to see you again!
    Your friend always,

  2. Yes, miracles happen every day and this was a memorable miracle to say the least. It was so wonderful to see you all together again!!!! You had, and still have, a union…. a friendship… a bond that is truly enviable in today’s society!! Praise the Lord!!


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