“Lady in the Water” ~ Metaphor for Man’s Relationship with God and His Angels

I have been thinking about this for quite a while. I know Lady in the Water is one of M. Night’s least popular films, but it happens to be one of my favorites, because I see so much in it. One of my favorite parts is the prologue (film clip above). It speaks so strongly to me as a metaphor of how God and the angels are trying ALWAYS to communicate with us, but we are so self absorbed in our wants that we refuse to listen. Why do we pray and ignore God’s response? I say “we,” because of course I do it too.

It is a fundamental belief of mine that God is trying to reach us by any means possible. One book that opened a window to the “how” for me was Gaulden’s book, Signs and Wonders. Another book that is great is Doreen Virtue’s book, Divine Guidance, if you want even more reading on the subject. I’ve since been teaching a workshop “Signs and Wonders” based on this philosophy – a philosophy I’ve always had, but now am finally able to express it to others. I’ve also created a “Signs and Wonders” journal to help people keep track of these events in their lives – and to hopefully find connection and meaning among the messages.

Take a peek at the prologue – even if you hate the film, you have to admit it’s a pretty great intro!Ā  šŸ™‚


Just Me and My Singing Bowl

On August 11 I had a wonderful experience. I went on a fun little evening trip with friends to visit a woman who lives in a condo on the Lake Erie beach. We had the most wonderful time walking along the beach, watching the sun go down. Inside this woman’s house, I eyed a couple bowls she had out on her table. I knew what they were, but forgot what they were called. “Are those healing bowls?” I asked.

“Actually they’re called singing bowls.” She answered.

I had been interested in getting my hands on one, and here was an opportunity. I asked her if it would be okay for me to indulge my curiosity, and graciously she said yes. She demonstrated how to play it, and I followed along. We ended up “singing” a duet. Quite fun!

It was funny that I called them “healing bowls,” because that is what they seem to do for me. The sound is so meditative, and I loved the feeling of vibration that came through the bowl, into the palm of my hand. I felt SO good afterward – so peaceful. I said, “I just HAVE to get one of these!”

I’m not one to make rash decisions, but this year I have been acting more on those strong impulses that just FEEL SO RIGHT. I was guided to Kathleen Calby (Re-Sounding Joy) who performs using Tibetan singing bowls and gem crystal singing bowls. She even lives nearby. She graciously accepted my plea to come over and meet her singing bowls, hoping I would find one that would “speak” to me. She introduced me to her collection for sale, and we sat on her floor having a wonderful talk and trying out different bowls. Finally I found one that felt right in my hand, and seemed to like me. It played very easily for me, and had a beautiful sound! “I think I found my bowl,” I said.

I am so excited about my singing bowl. Until the kids come home later this afternoon, I’m keeping it on the coffee table to “gong” every chance I get. I sat down with it for a “singing session” once already, waiting for my lunch to cook — and, no – I won’t be eating lunch out of my singing bowl – although I might have it sit next to me to keep me company.

Check out one of Kathleen’s videos (below) for your entertainment, and to hear the beautiful sounds that singing bowls can make!

SoulCollageĀ® “Abundance” Card ~ Revisited

I originally posted a story about this card in February at a time when finances were at their tightest. My husband and I were even having a hard time affording groceries. It was tough!

I’ve continued to have this large SoulCollageĀ® card displayed in my family room (to view it every day) – one of the ways I’ve been trying out the “Law of Abundance” theory. Since then I really have had gradual financial abundance granted – at least enough not to worry so much. A nice fat tax refund, a good flow of freelance work, extension on my unemployment, and and even a possible job opportunity. What began as a bleak year has proven that positive thought and faith can change things around for the better. It’s taking a while, yes — but things are looking better.

AND – I’ve also received an ABUNDANCE of support not only financially but also spiritually, and friendly support toward my dreams. I’ve received incredible friendly and professional support for a book I’m writing, and I’ve found bountiful support from participating in SARK’s Dream Boogie community. AND — I’m also excited that my “Abundance” card has been featured recently on the SoulCollageĀ® website!

Abundance has shown itself to me in many ways this year, and it’s only August! I am so thankful to God for providing in so many wonderful ways.

If you are interested in attending a SoulCollageĀ® session, there is most likely a facilitator near you. I will also have a 2-part SoulCollageĀ® session at the Artist’s Way Retreat I am hosting at Lakeside, OH, Sept. 24-26, 2010. Check out our schedule! We’d love to have you!

Learning to be Happy With Alone

Being comfortable with being alone can be a problem for some, but I personally have never had a problem with it. I suppose when I was a teenager I started to get depressed about being alone too much, but now that I have kids I value my alone time more than anything! Alone time is QUALITY TIME WITH MYSELF.
This video is beautiful.
Take an alone moment to sit back, watch and listen.

Boogie on in the Fall! ~ DREAM Boogie!

Need support for your dreams? This is the place to find support!

My Dream Boogie experience has been FANTABULOSO! I have taken it twice now. Why? Because I meet the most wonderful people there! The Boogie Beans community is the most valuable thing for me as a networking tool. I’ve met people from all over the world – writers, artists, musicians, and DREAMERS. I highly recommend Dream Boogie to anyone who needs anything from a nudge to a kick in the pants when it comes to their dreams!

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