SoulCollage® “Abundance” Card ~ Revisited

I originally posted a story about this card in February at a time when finances were at their tightest. My husband and I were even having a hard time affording groceries. It was tough!

I’ve continued to have this large SoulCollage® card displayed in my family room (to view it every day) – one of the ways I’ve been trying out the “Law of Abundance” theory. Since then I really have had gradual financial abundance granted – at least enough not to worry so much. A nice fat tax refund, a good flow of freelance work, extension on my unemployment, and and even a possible job opportunity. What began as a bleak year has proven that positive thought and faith can change things around for the better. It’s taking a while, yes — but things are looking better.

AND – I’ve also received an ABUNDANCE of support not only financially but also spiritually, and friendly support toward my dreams. I’ve received incredible friendly and professional support for a book I’m writing, and I’ve found bountiful support from participating in SARK’s Dream Boogie community. AND — I’m also excited that my “Abundance” card has been featured recently on the SoulCollage® website!

Abundance has shown itself to me in many ways this year, and it’s only August! I am so thankful to God for providing in so many wonderful ways.

If you are interested in attending a SoulCollage® session, there is most likely a facilitator near you. I will also have a 2-part SoulCollage® session at the Artist’s Way Retreat I am hosting at Lakeside, OH, Sept. 24-26, 2010. Check out our schedule! We’d love to have you!


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