Just Me and My Singing Bowl

On August 11 I had a wonderful experience. I went on a fun little evening trip with friends to visit a woman who lives in a condo on the Lake Erie beach. We had the most wonderful time walking along the beach, watching the sun go down. Inside this woman’s house, I eyed a couple bowls she had out on her table. I knew what they were, but forgot what they were called. “Are those healing bowls?” I asked.

“Actually they’re called singing bowls.” She answered.

I had been interested in getting my hands on one, and here was an opportunity. I asked her if it would be okay for me to indulge my curiosity, and graciously she said yes. She demonstrated how to play it, and I followed along. We ended up “singing” a duet. Quite fun!

It was funny that I called them “healing bowls,” because that is what they seem to do for me. The sound is so meditative, and I loved the feeling of vibration that came through the bowl, into the palm of my hand. I felt SO good afterward – so peaceful. I said, “I just HAVE to get one of these!”

I’m not one to make rash decisions, but this year I have been acting more on those strong impulses that just FEEL SO RIGHT. I was guided to Kathleen Calby (Re-Sounding Joy) who performs using Tibetan singing bowls and gem crystal singing bowls. She even lives nearby. She graciously accepted my plea to come over and meet her singing bowls, hoping I would find one that would “speak” to me. She introduced me to her collection for sale, and we sat on her floor having a wonderful talk and trying out different bowls. Finally I found one that felt right in my hand, and seemed to like me. It played very easily for me, and had a beautiful sound! “I think I found my bowl,” I said.

I am so excited about my singing bowl. Until the kids come home later this afternoon, I’m keeping it on the coffee table to “gong” every chance I get. I sat down with it for a “singing session” once already, waiting for my lunch to cook — and, no – I won’t be eating lunch out of my singing bowl – although I might have it sit next to me to keep me company.

Check out one of Kathleen’s videos (below) for your entertainment, and to hear the beautiful sounds that singing bowls can make!


3 thoughts on “Just Me and My Singing Bowl

  1. Wendy,

    What a beautiful sound the singing bowls make………mmmmmmmmmm……very lovely……………Kathleen has made true music to my ears. Thanks for sharing.

    Enjoy your singing bowl Wendy.

    In peace,

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