“Lady in the Water” ~ Metaphor for Man’s Relationship with God and His Angels

I have been thinking about this for quite a while. I know Lady in the Water is one of M. Night’s least popular films, but it happens to be one of my favorites, because I see so much in it. One of my favorite parts is the prologue (film clip above). It speaks so strongly to me as a metaphor of how God and the angels are trying ALWAYS to communicate with us, but we are so self absorbed in our wants that we refuse to listen. Why do we pray and ignore God’s response? I say “we,” because of course I do it too.

It is a fundamental belief of mine that God is trying to reach us by any means possible. One book that opened a window to the “how” for me was Gaulden’s book, Signs and Wonders. Another book that is great is Doreen Virtue’s book, Divine Guidance, if you want even more reading on the subject. I’ve since been teaching a workshop “Signs and Wonders” based on this philosophy – a philosophy I’ve always had, but now am finally able to express it to others. I’ve also created a “Signs and Wonders” journal to help people keep track of these events in their lives – and to hopefully find connection and meaning among the messages.

Take a peek at the prologue – even if you hate the film, you have to admit it’s a pretty great intro!  🙂


2 thoughts on ““Lady in the Water” ~ Metaphor for Man’s Relationship with God and His Angels

  1. You are not alone, I really like this movie as well. “Angels fill the earth to open the hearts of men…”

    Like M Night’s “Signs” this movie for me is about faith. When we cultivate faith in God, miracles truly happen. To my joy, God never stops amazing me.

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