Giveaway Winners ~ Chosen By My Kitten!

For my very first “Create-A-Way Giveaway,” I was thinking of how I could make the random drawing more fun, rather than just picking names out of a hat. I decided to try letting my cat decide the winners! I wrote each name on a piece of paper, crumpled it up, and whichever name was pounced on by the cat WINS!

Some of the names she even picked up with her mouth (you wonderful dreamers are quite scrumptious)!

There were so many wonderful entries, I decided to draw FIVE instead of three.

The winners are:  Violette, Leanne, Diane, Clive, and Leslie!

And one special acknowledgment to Rhonda, the first person to leave a comment. I decided I’d like to send something special to her just for being the first person to post a comment (Great comment, too, Rhonda! Special thanks!).

Thanks to everyone for all the WONDERFUL comments. They were all joyously thought-provoking!


Create-A-Way Giveaway! ~ My Marker Illustration Postcards

It’s finally time to try a giveaway contest!

I’ve finally printed a batch of postcards highlighting some of my favorite marker pieces. I started doing marker illustration a year ago when I was enrolled in ARTbundance™ Coach Training. We needed to do some artsy projects while going through the program, and I found myself thinking, “I don’t have time to get out all my art supplies.” So I reached for my caricature materials and just decided to have fun with markers. I work very quickly with markers, being a quick sketch caricature artist, so it was an easy fix for me.

It was quite freeing to give myself a permission slip to think of my “quick sketches” as art, even though it was just done quickly with marker and not watercolor or acrylics. I’m a work-at-home mom with a 3-yr-old and a 5-yr-old at home, so I don’t have much time on my hands. So just knowing I can get a piece of art done in less than ten minutes eliminates any excuses and frees me up to JUST DO IT. I finally CREATED A WAY out of my procrastination, by making my “just for fun” art more DO-ABLE and accessible.

These THREE postcards I’m giving away are all from my new Create-A-Way site. Two are from my ARTbundance™ PLAYbook, and one is my original Create-A-Way image I created gleefully in colored markers, planning to use it as a cover design for one of my retreat handouts last year.


Leave a comment on this entry, telling a moment (big or small) in which you CREATED A WAY out of some seemingly hopeless problem. It could be as big as a job change or as small as learning how to open the pickle jar. I will draw names randomly out of the people who leave comments here – there will be three winners (3 postcards per winner). After I draw the names, I’ll be contacting you for your mailing address so I can send these to you via post.

GIVEAWAY DRAWING will be held Thursday, September 30, 2010.

SARK & Marney’s Magic Management

I want to share this wonderful FREE opportunity to participate in this FREE teleclass instructed by SARK and Marney Makridakis! These are two incredibly inspiring women. Marney is particularly gifted when it comes to giving helpful and inspiring advice to creative entrepreneurs.

Marney writes: With the current state of the economy, now more than ever, people are asking how they can use their creativity to help make ends meet. Believe it or not, in spite of the financial climate, this is actually an ideal time for a creative person to start or expand a business. I’ve never agreed with the myth that creative people don’t make good business people, because in my opinion, creative people are ideal in business, most especially in difficult circumstances, because they have the ingenuity and unique vision that is crucial to innovate and thrive.

Take a look at one of many wonderful “Blissness” (Marney’s word for business) products. She is currently offering a “Back to YOU” 40% off coupon. I have taken a few of her trainings, along with being certified from her as an ARTbundance™ Coach. I highly recommend her products as well as SARK’s Dream Boogie program to any creative person who is even thinking of starting their own business. This is just the inspiration boost you’ll need!

Dream-ing ~ With Sidewalk Paint!

I had the most wonderful time with the kids over the Labor Day weekend. We got out one of my daughter’s birthday gifts – a pack of Crayola Sidewalk Paint. I had no idea how much fun it was going to be. I really got into it – and since it’s all just liquid chalk, not paint, we were FREE TO GET COLORFUL. For the first time in YEARS my shoes were speckled with bright-colored paint! I had paint on my hands, too – and when it dried it merely turned to dust on my fingers.

We ended up using every last drop of the paint, and wore the chalk down considerably as well. Rose and I could have gone on with it forever. After about twenty minutes, Jack of course was finished and began playing fetch by himself, throwing the chalk into the neighbor’s yard. By the time we had only drops left in the containers, I said, “Hey, Rose! Look at this!” I screwed off the lid, raised the container high, and whipped it down, letting the paint FLY across my “DREAM” painting. OH, it was marvelous. Will definitely have to get more!

I was excited to know that the next day several parents would be walking their kids to school, and people walking their dogs, and I hoped my “DREAM” message might hit a few chords with some. I thought how wonderful it would be to paint something new every weekend with the kids – leaving my creative mark for the neighborhood walkers and passersby to enjoy!

We had a rainstorm last night, and the kids and I watched as our painting was swept away. Rose was upset, but then I explained to her, “Don’t worry! We can just do it again!”

I can’t wait.  🙂

Andrea Schroeder’s “Creative Spa” Treatments

Check out Andrea’s website! She offers her own style of Creative Coaching. I just love her! And also take a break and watch her fun little video above. I love her videos – they are nuggets of inspiration.

I discovered her original website a couple years ago when she had an actual “Creative Spa” where she conducted in-person workshops. It continues to be a strong inspiration to me – I wished so much I could go to her Creative Spa! Now you can have that experience with her through long-distance coaching. She offers the Creative Dream Spa Treatment and Creative Healing Sessions, among other things. If you sign on for her newsletter, she offers lots of free goodies as well. Her website is lush with inspiring videos to watch, and meditations to try out. So much is offered on her website. Sit there for a spell and browse.

I’ve signed up for her Creative Dream Spa Treatment – a real treat to myself in a tumultuous time (daughter going into kindergarten, working on a new book, trying to figure out my life). I have been wanting to work one-on-one with Andrea for a while now, and have finally taken the leap.

I knew that my daughter going into kindergarten would mark a whole new phase of HER life, but didn’t realize until yesterday that this also marks a new phase of MY life. I am a brand NEW KIND OF BUSY. I need treats like this to get me through this transition.