Andrea Schroeder’s “Creative Spa” Treatments

Check out Andrea’s website! She offers her own style of Creative Coaching. I just love her! And also take a break and watch her fun little video above. I love her videos – they are nuggets of inspiration.

I discovered her original website a couple years ago when she had an actual “Creative Spa” where she conducted in-person workshops. It continues to be a strong inspiration to me – I wished so much I could go to her Creative Spa! Now you can have that experience with her through long-distance coaching. She offers the Creative Dream Spa Treatment and Creative Healing Sessions, among other things. If you sign on for her newsletter, she offers lots of free goodies as well. Her website is lush with inspiring videos to watch, and meditations to try out. So much is offered on her website. Sit there for a spell and browse.

I’ve signed up for her Creative Dream Spa Treatment – a real treat to myself in a tumultuous time (daughter going into kindergarten, working on a new book, trying to figure out my life). I have been wanting to work one-on-one with Andrea for a while now, and have finally taken the leap.

I knew that my daughter going into kindergarten would mark a whole new phase of HER life, but didn’t realize until yesterday that this also marks a new phase of MY life. I am a brand NEW KIND OF BUSY. I need treats like this to get me through this transition.


2 thoughts on “Andrea Schroeder’s “Creative Spa” Treatments

    • Thank you, Andrea! Looking forward to the experience! Your website was one of the first I came across as I began my own creative dreams journey, so I feel like I’m coming around full circle by doing this! 🙂

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