Create-A-Way Giveaway! ~ My Marker Illustration Postcards

It’s finally time to try a giveaway contest!

I’ve finally printed a batch of postcards highlighting some of my favorite marker pieces. I started doing marker illustration a year ago when I was enrolled in ARTbundance™ Coach Training. We needed to do some artsy projects while going through the program, and I found myself thinking, “I don’t have time to get out all my art supplies.” So I reached for my caricature materials and just decided to have fun with markers. I work very quickly with markers, being a quick sketch caricature artist, so it was an easy fix for me.

It was quite freeing to give myself a permission slip to think of my “quick sketches” as art, even though it was just done quickly with marker and not watercolor or acrylics. I’m a work-at-home mom with a 3-yr-old and a 5-yr-old at home, so I don’t have much time on my hands. So just knowing I can get a piece of art done in less than ten minutes eliminates any excuses and frees me up to JUST DO IT. I finally CREATED A WAY out of my procrastination, by making my “just for fun” art more DO-ABLE and accessible.

These THREE postcards I’m giving away are all from my new Create-A-Way site. Two are from my ARTbundance™ PLAYbook, and one is my original Create-A-Way image I created gleefully in colored markers, planning to use it as a cover design for one of my retreat handouts last year.


Leave a comment on this entry, telling a moment (big or small) in which you CREATED A WAY out of some seemingly hopeless problem. It could be as big as a job change or as small as learning how to open the pickle jar. I will draw names randomly out of the people who leave comments here – there will be three winners (3 postcards per winner). After I draw the names, I’ll be contacting you for your mailing address so I can send these to you via post.

GIVEAWAY DRAWING will be held Thursday, September 30, 2010.


19 thoughts on “Create-A-Way Giveaway! ~ My Marker Illustration Postcards

  1. Hi Wendy, fellow DREAMer! My moment was when I signed up for SARK’s DANCING from DREAMing to DOing class where I learned about micro movements. Once I realized I could do tasks increments of 5 minutes or less, I no longer had the excuse of “I don’t have time to really delve into this….” I am a perfectionist and get totally consumed by whatever project I am involved with but I also learned I could multitask and still do each activity well (even better!) since I was not procrastinating on the “not fun to do list”. I now am cleaning out the garage and my office so I can set up an art studio for myself, reduce the clutter, AND sell unwanted GREAT STUFF to raise money for my SONGS FOR SOCIAL CHANGE project! I now realize life is a connected series of decisions rather than a disconnected series of chores, tasks and events. I LOVE YOUR WEBSITE! The quotes, Kermit music, art,,,,,, THANKS FOR CREATE A WAY! Rhonda

  2. Oh i would love to win your fun and inspirational postcard set Wendy!
    Oh this is an easy question…..i broke my wrist kayaking this summer and had my arm in a cast which limited me doing lots of things. I bought some corn on the cob without thinking i was alone and had to huck the corn. So i used my elbow to pull of the husks. I’ve also opened jars and bottles by putting the jar between my legs while i turned with the other hand! Where there is there is a way! I created a way!

    Love, violette

  3. i created a way out of being negative about my art by creating the art group ilma (i love my art) with a fellow artist who was throwing out way too much (ripping stuff out of sketchbooks). we meet every week and only say what we love about our art. sometimes that is a doodle, sometimes a painting, a design, whatever. come visit us at

  4. Hi Wendy, Your postcards are “supacool” would love to win! I have been an artist since I was little, as an adult I would like to make a living from my art but it just hasn’t happened, my seemingly hopeless situation is my finances. So I wrote a book. It is finished and I will send it to a publisher in a week. I am sending it on a wing and a prayer and hope a publisher picks it up and hope it will create a way for me financially. Cheers to you Wendy!

  5. I LOVE your post cards ! learning to work out life lessons is part of the joy of being on earth …. I am working on finding my way to perfect health , at the moment…. to encourage my self, my thoughts, my hopes.. to get past the hurt, and see me LIVING again
    pain FREE !! I am STILL working on that … tears help release sadness, but I have to release and get back to hope.. that is my biggest challenge right now. Sark classes are SO helpful and encouraging!! Hope to see you “in class”
    take care

  6. Wendy,
    How cool are your postcards…I LOVE them!
    I got out of a “challenging” situation when my husband of 18 years said that he did not want to be married anymore…. after a short time I decided to “go with the flow” instead of fighting to change his mind! It has been the most amazing growth experience ever…because I CHOSE to make it that way! We all get to choose every second of every day…..those choices create our lives!

  7. I really like caricatures, a fun way of making life a bit lighter;
    you are very clever and skilled Wendy
    I started writing poetry for my dad and brothers birthdays because we struggled to be able to say we loved each other. This helped me put it down in a lyrical, fun way and forced them to read what I wanted to say.

  8. Hi Wendy! I love the inspiration behind your fabulous postcards. With young kids around time is of the essence! The time that popped into my head was when my 1st set of twins were toddlers and would always put up a fight when we had to get ready to go somewhere. When I started calling boots rutabagas and putting them on their heads and mittens potatos and putting them on their ears the struggles turned into times of giggling and cooperation.
    Love Love Love the postcards! Thanks for letting your Boogie Beans know! 🙂

  9. Hi Wendy,
    I am crazy for your postcards ! Amazing!
    Once I gathered all my courage and resources to rent a
    small cottage so I could put all my work (Balooart) under one roof , with the hope of building a new life for my son and myself. Photography, painting, classes, writing, music…everything we can fit into the little house. I’ll keep you posted 🙂 !

  10. Hello . May I say first of all this is a great thing you have created. Next learning to appreciate and be open allows for big and small miracles in life. As a 40th Birthday present to myself a couple of weeks after I tuned that wonderful age I signed up for Dream Boogie. And since mid April I have been amazed to connect with wonderful people that are such great friends. Also, I learned about Julia Cameron in Sedona through what you posted in Boogie Buddies or on Facebook…maybe both. (and so happy we can meet and enjoy Sedona) You are great. And my PODS group I met they great ones Clive, Ingrid, Suz, Sher, and Sarah. Anyway, just the moments that create blessings and inspiration. Another being meeting Kaci C from a SARK Facebook post and response. Trusing instinct and intuition and creating and looking for life’s greatness.

  11. Life is so good. Hello fellow dream boogier!
    I love your work. Beautiful.

    A story:

    I was lying in bed the morning after my sister’s wedding, and my inner guidance told me “go downstairs and find Jessie.” Right now? I asked. “Yes.”

    So I went, and found out that Jessie was in the process of cutting the wedding cake she had made for my sister! And I LOVE wedding cake! I had wanted to try hers! So I’m so happy that I listened to my inner guidance!

  12. Wendy – Your postcards are so joyful! Love them. I really miss being able to meet with you, but am so enjoying your posts. My moment came after having my job eliminated after 31 years with American Greetings. I had long labored under the assumption that I couldn’t do anything else and so devoted all of my efforts at hanging onto something that I had little control over. I realized that I had become trapped by that perception and by being forced to look at alternatives it actually freed me up to new opportunities. It forced me to deal with the stuff that I had collected over 16 years in one house — I would have eliminated more of it before the move if all it required was a blink and a head nod!. So now I am in Dallas, the job may not be the perfect one, but some obstacles that I faced in Ohio have been removed and I can no longer use them for an excuse not to try new approaches. While I miss being around my creative friends in Cleveland, I am starting to make new connections… one with a very interesting woman who is an art director for television. The “why” of my job and location change has not yet been fully revealed to me, but I am keeping open to new insights. You are an inspiration, Wendy!

  13. How delightful! Your art work always lifts my spirits and makes me smile! I’d love to be included in the drawing.
    lol – Hmm, my way out. Oh, this is embarrassing but here goes. The first time I went water skiing (my aunt thought I was an old pro so no instructions were given) I fell and was being dragged through the water – underwater. It occurred to me that at that being underwater for so long was beginning to be a problem so I it finally hit me that I should simply Let Go! I did and lived! And I have used that “Let Go” – and laughed – many times since then!
    Oh and Wendy – I’m replying on my MAC! I love my MAC! Thank you!

  14. Hi Wendy,

    What a great question!

    I’m having to create a way this week. My husband and I had a concert planned for this Saturday to launch our new music duo, Infinitely More. We’ve been working on it for months, and in the last ten days, we’ve been struck down with colds and a terrible flu! We had to cancel the concert, which is so disappointing!

    But, we wanted our cancellation to be a positive experience! In deciding how to announce the cancellation, we came up with the idea of having an Online Site Party when we launch our site later this month, and hosting a Fireside Concert in January!

    It’s great reading all the responses, and how cool that SARK left a comment 🙂

  15. Hi Wendy. Your caricatures are so joyful. What a great use of small bites of time!
    My most memorable creative and most embarrassing situation was that at the age of 12 or 13, I wanted to go swimming, but had outgrown my bathing suit. No problem. Bathing suits are made of a knit material and so was my old nightgown. So, I cut and fitted and sewed and proudly wore it down to the waterfront where the local boys were swimming. I jumped in the water and two things happened that I had not expected. The material stretched and became almost transparent, revealing my budding beauty!

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