Operation Beautiful™

I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled upon this today, but what an incredible movement this is! The idea is to leave a “You are beautiful” message (post-its used most commonly) in some public place for a stranger to find. Imagine the smiles your note will create – and perhaps someone will even take your note and bring it home as a blessed reminder.

One of the fastest growing epidemics in this country is depression and low self-esteem. This movement really reaches out to help others in a creative and inspiring way. If you participate even just with ONE note, I guarantee you will feel uplifted, imagining who will discover your miraculous, encouraging note.

I had to do some errands today and decided to post some of my “BE-YOU-TIFUL” mirrors around town (a fun piece I made as a free download on my Create-A-Way website – see “fun freebies”). I ended up posting them in the changing rooms at Macy’s while trying on a few new things (see photo).

I also plan to write on the sidewalk in front of my house (I love sidewalk chalk).

I urge everyone to join this wonderful, playful movement.



2 thoughts on “Operation Beautiful™

  1. Hello– You are truelly beautiful and smile from your soul!!MaryKaitlyn Let’s get together soon and make angels– I am sewing again and it is wonderful!! MaryKaitlyn (Katie)

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