2011 Workbook, Planner & Calendar from Goddess Leonie!

I just had to share this wonderful, affordable goody found on Goddess Leonie’s website ~ The 2011 Creating your Goddess Year Workbook, Planner & Calendar!

For only $9.95 you get a download of the following to print:

  • A monthly calendar
  • A daily planner template you can print each day you need it.Reflecting, reviewing, celebrating & completing 2010
  • Creating affirmations for your new year
  • Creating a list of things to do when everything sucks
  • Divine art therapy techniques to help you work out what works in your schedule & what doesn’t
  • Creative projects to help you dream bigger
  • Making a powerful theme for your year
  • Making new year habits that sustain, nourish & inspire you
  • Loads of reflective, soulful questions to help you get clarity, joy & healing
  • Collecting tools to help you whenever you need extra support during your year
  • Making gorgeous goals in every part of your goddess life
  • How to make those gorgeous goals actually happen & make your big dreams become true.

I just love Goddess Leonie’s colorful, whimsical style, and this calendar seems like a wonderful affordable way to help you next year out of any creative “low season” you may experience.


FREE Create-A-Way Download ~ 16-Day Gratitude Journal!

CLICK HERE to go to "FREEBIES" page!

I was inspired by a free download by Goddess Leonie to create my own little mini-book gratitude journal and offer it on my website as a free download. It seems the appropriate time for a gratitude journal, as Thanksgiving is coming up very soon! Simply CLICK HERE or on image to the left to go to my website, and then go to “FREEBIES” page to find the download.

Gratitude journals are a very good way to keep up your positive attitude on life in general. It helps to focus on the good things on a daily basis. Each page of my little journal allows you to write down five things to be thankful for daily. I encourage you to color the pages, or at least the cover to add a bit of fun and creativity to the experience.

When I try this, it helps me very much. It is so easy to focus on what went wrong with your day.

I am grateful for my KITTY!

This tool will help remind you to focus for a moment on the good things that happened to you today: I made it home safe from work, my child’s cough isn’t as bad today, my day was productive, or simply… I am breathing!

The download is two sheets that you can easily cut-up and assemble. I like to simply staple mine at the upper corner (see photo at right).

My wish for you today… have a Happy Thanksgiving. Take a moment to think of the positives in your life. The more often you practice an “attitude of gratitude,” the more you will continue to attract good things in your life.

Blessings to you!

Andrea Schroeder ~ Paper Doll Soul Portraits

Check out this new concept and special introductory deal offered by Andrea Schroeder (one of my favorite creatives).

I’ve always enjoyed her paper doll characters.

Also visit her GUIDED MEDITATIONS page for FREE guided meditation videos. You’ll find meditation topics like: entering your self care relaxation chamber, release obstacles, making dreams real, and more!

I’ve been following Andrea’s work for a few years now, and I love her authentic voice as an artist and as a person.

New FREE Teleclass offered by SARK!

FREE Teleclass!!! Bestselling author and artist SARK is presenting a dream activating free teleclass called SARK’s Big Purple Dream Crayon: Are You Ready to Reset Your Dream Vibration?! This class will provide joyful and practical tools for Naming and Claiming your Dream. It’s free to everyone with a dream, especially if you’re not sure what your dream is… so I invite you to click here to sign up!

I’ve been taking SARK’s Dream Boogie this year and her classes are always INSTANT INSPIRATION. Love it.

Create-A-Way Giveaway Contest ~ Take the Creativity Survey!

I have a NEW giveaway contest!

Here are the directions to be entered in the giveaway!

1. CLICK HERE to take a three-question survey (very short, multiple choice).

2. Come back to this post and add a comment of any kind.

I will get my kitty to again choose FIVE winners randomly on December 1, 2010.

Winners will receive a FREE DOWNLOAD of a Create-A-Way worksheet: “ME-harmony.com.”

My Arizona Adventure Story ~ Hope and Faith Rewarded

I have recently returned from a miraculous trip. I flew to Arizona from Cleveland, OH chasing a dream with nothing in my pocket but hope and faith. My husband cared for our two young kids (ages 5 and 3) while I was gone for the weekend to attend an Artist’s Way workshop facilitated by Julia Cameron in Sedona, AZ.

The workshop was merely an excuse for the trip. The real purpose for going the distance was to meet with Julia Cameron (creator/author of The Artist’s Way) to gain her basic support for a book I am writing which highlights her work in a big way. This book is a concept that has been brewing for a couple years and this spring the vision finally became clear – not only how to write the book, but how to gather support from others in order to assure its success and publication. Connecting with Julia Cameron in some way was essential.

Regarding meeting with Julia Cameron, I was warned not to expect too much – that sometimes she doesn’t even do book signings, let alone speak one-on-one with some stranger in her workshop. Nevertheless, I followed my instinct that this was the ideal way to meet my goal to talk briefly with Cameron, having exhausted every conventional way to get in contact with her.

On the long flight to Arizona, all I could think was “I will either return highly disappointed, or with the greatest success story of my life

Me and Julia Cameron

so far.”  By the end of the weekend, I was elated to know I was returning with a testimony! Not only was I given the chance to talk briefly with Julia and present my materials and a couple gifts to her, but I also had the rare opportunity to have a brief (recorded) interview with her as research for my book. JACKPOT!

Getting back home to Cleveland, I felt as if the weekend trip was a dream. I wanted to SHOUT it from the mountaintops. I felt I was coming home with PROOF that when you follow what you feel with all your heart (I think of it as following God’s lead), miracles happen and our faith is rewarded. Sometimes it’s a long journey to find that reward. This particular journey was an expensive one – an investment. Now I just have to finish writing the book! I feel God saying, “OK, I’ve done my part to help you out. Now it’s your turn!”

I hear you, God!

I have many friends who are in an opposite stage of their lives, feeling stuck and hopeless at times. I want to reach out and hug my dear friends by sharing them my story of hope and faith rewarded. From Sedona, I sent postcards to my dearest friends and family, writing messages of hope and happiness. I felt like Andy Dufresne (Shawshank Redemption) writing that note of hope to Red, encouraging his friend to not give up: “Remember… hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. I will be hoping this letter finds you, and finds you well.”

My note to anyone reading this: Don’t give up on your dreams. They will never give up on you.

“I find I am excited, so excited I can hardly hold the pencil in my trembling hand. I think it is the excitement only a free man can feel, a free man starting a long journey whose conclusion is uncertain….
… I hope I can make it across the border.
I hope to see my friend and shake his hand.
I hope the Pacific is as blue as it has been in my dreams.
I hope.”

Stephen King, “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption” – from short story collection, Different Seasons.