FREE Create-A-Way Download ~ 16-Day Gratitude Journal!

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I was inspired by a free download by Goddess Leonie to create my own little mini-book gratitude journal and offer it on my website as a free download. It seems the appropriate time for a gratitude journal, as Thanksgiving is coming up very soon! Simply CLICK HERE or on image to the left to go to my website, and then go to “FREEBIES” page to find the download.

Gratitude journals are a very good way to keep up your positive attitude on life in general. It helps to focus on the good things on a daily basis. Each page of my little journal allows you to write down five things to be thankful for daily. I encourage you to color the pages, or at least the cover to add a bit of fun and creativity to the experience.

When I try this, it helps me very much. It is so easy to focus on what went wrong with your day.

I am grateful for my KITTY!

This tool will help remind you to focus for a moment on the good things that happened to you today: I made it home safe from work, my child’s cough isn’t as bad today, my day was productive, or simply… I am breathing!

The download is two sheets that you can easily cut-up and assemble. I like to simply staple mine at the upper corner (see photo at right).

My wish for you today… have a Happy Thanksgiving. Take a moment to think of the positives in your life. The more often you practice an “attitude of gratitude,” the more you will continue to attract good things in your life.

Blessings to you!


5 thoughts on “FREE Create-A-Way Download ~ 16-Day Gratitude Journal!

  1. Hi Wendy,
    Oh you little Ray of Colour, you keep on inspiring me lately!!!
    I have just been to our local art Supply shop bemoaning to my friend there that ‘I need to have FUN and PLAY again’, and she gave me a new journal and said ‘Go home and play with your markers!’ But I haven’t played with markers for yonks ‘coz that’s not REAL art’…but i used to SO love it, and then i saw your GORGEOUS be-YOu-tiful poster and recalled all the JOY i can have playing like that, and YES! It is REAL ART so anyone who doesn’t think so should try it! (My family…for eg)
    So i’m off now to DELIGHT myself with fresh inspiration!
    BTW I’m off on a Girls Retreat next month and want to give them a copy of that in a little journal i’m getting them to decorate for each other, and also pop the Gratitude Journal in their bag of ‘Gifts and Goodies’…hope this is ok as i have given them all your Wonderful Wendy Web site too….actually i’ve sent that to New Zealand, all over Oz and England! And back to a friend in Virginia!
    I love what you do and CELEBRATE meeting you! I’m So lucky!
    Sharon :0) xoxox

    • Oh, Sharon, God bless you! YES, feel free to distribute my little journal in any way you like. You’re right – since my info is on the back, it only helps me to gain more exposure when people do that, which is super! Thanks so very much, Sharon!
      And about markers — I had the exact same self-criticism about markers, telling myself it isn’t real art if you use markers. I started doing it because I have two very little ones at home, and I don’t have the time or space to get my art supplies out – so markers work perfectly – and I love working with them – since I do caricatures as well, I am very comfortable with markers and work quickly with them. My daughter is following me with this (5 yrs old) — she actually prefers markers to crayons now!

  2. Hi, I just wanted to say, “Thank you” for the freebies on your site. I work at a shelter for family violence. I create a lot of creative activities for my clients, because it is hard for me to find things that will work for them. Your freebies are a treasure. From myself and the dear women I work with, THANK YOU!

    • Dear Rae: I am SO moved by your comment! You’ve given me a wonderful gift by sending these words of encouragement and support! Blessings to you and your courageous work! – Love, Wendy

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