Boogie On ~ With Winter Dream Boogie!

Bestselling author and artist SARK just started another fabulous “Dream Boogie” session that runs 8 weeks this Winter, and YES, registration is still open through Tuesday, February 8th! Sign up here! As soon as you register, you’ll have instant access to all of the juicy materials for Week 1 and join the party for Week 2!

I have been taking Dream Boogie sessions since her very first session last spring (2010). I am amazed with what has evolved for me since joining Dream Boogie. It’s been a marvelous journey. I love the support system I have in the Boogie Bean Community, and I’ve met so many new wonderful friends through the program. But it’s more than that — by signing up over and over, I’ve surrounded myself with succulent dream support, and the philosophy of Dream Boogie stays with me day after day. I can’t get enough of it. I really believe in my dreams more now than I ever have before. Thank you, Dream Boogie! I’m looking forward to this winter session!

SARK really wanted to share more about Dream Boogie with you, so she invites you to you enjoy this inspiring 5-minute romp through Dream Boogie called…the Dream Boogie Share Show.


2 thoughts on “Boogie On ~ With Winter Dream Boogie!

  1. THANK YOU WENDY! The timing of this could not be better! What a ‘synchronistic’ message and invitation. Am signed up and ready to Dream Boogie with you on Tuesday! You are indeed an angel…a Messenger of Light! Love you always dear Wendy! Anna

    • Oh, Wow!! Anna, I’m THRILLED that you’ll be joining Dream Boogie this winter session! I cannot wait to get connected with you on the Boogie Bean Community as well! It will be such a wonderful thing to journey through together! Wheee!

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