Creative Dream Incubator ~ by Andrea Schroeder


Another yummy offer from one of my favorite creative inspirations, Andrea Schroeder!

This one is called the “Creative Dream Incubator.”

Andrea is one of the many creative people I have interviewed as research for a book I’m currently writing. I’ve taken coaching from her and find her a friendly and highly inspirational Creative.

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Read more about Andrea’s e-course below, or go to her website.

This course is a Creative Dream Incubator that will nurture you and your dream through every step of bringing your dream to life:

  • Module 1 – Inception: planting the seed of your dream in the soul of the universe
  • Module 2 – Essence: the heart of your dream
  • Module 3 – Expression: the magic + sparkle of making dreams real
  • Module 4 – Unfurl: growing beyond your comfort zone
  • Module 5 – Amplify: creating positive energy to nourish and grow creative dreams
  • Module 6 – Fruition: living as the dream

What You Get:

The E-Course Itself: Weekly Lessons, Assignments and an Online Creative Incubator

Drawing from my studies and experience, the lessons are packed with videos, lessons, resources, journaling prompts and experiential creative dreamer assignments.  All of it is geared towards not just telling you stuff, but encouraging you to explore and play and discover the real magic and power of bringing dreams to life for yourself.

As I found in my own explorations – it’s one thing to “know” something in your head.  It’s quite another to live it.  When it comes to Creative Dreams – you don’t want to just know that they are possible.  You want to live them.

The Online Creative Incubator is a cozy, private classroom space where you can get feedback from me and encouragement from your fellow creative dreamers.


  • Six Workbooks
    Six Guided Meditation MP3s
    Online Creative Incubator Classroom space
    Positive Energy Affirmation E-mails
    Magic Affirmation Activator + Instruction Manual

Plus that special magic that comes when you invest in your dreams and gather with other creative dreamers.



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