Wendy, the Token Female Artist at Blue Frog Gaming

I’ve been working since April 11 for Blue Frog Gaming, a fresh new Gaming Company that is doing some pretty fun stuff. They are the creators of the popular Facebook game, Starfleet Commander.

I’m the first full-time female employee, which is pretty cool. The guys have all been wonderfully welcoming.

I’m so happy to finally be able to post a bit of my work that has been keeping be non-stop busy since I started. I’ve been working on an adorable new iPad game called “Polar Puzzles.” You bat the cute, pudgy penguin character around the maze, bumping the little critter into walls, sending him into space portals, and finally helping him find his baby penguin chicks. It’s a blast!

And the game is almost as fun working on as it is to play. The little movie above is a result of my first two weeks at Blue Frog. Using Illustrator and Photoshop, I created the finished illustrations for this little movie. I must give credit to Jeff Kunze, though, for preparing the initial sketches for the movie (one of his samples at right).

I’ve been having so much fun at Blue Frog, I have to remind myself to get back to my Create-A-Way business. And, oh yeah, a book to get working on.

I’ve been dreaming in Polar Puzzles land for the past several weeks, and — like Growser the polar bear — I do not wish to be disturbed.


2 thoughts on “Wendy, the Token Female Artist at Blue Frog Gaming

  1. It’s wonderful to have a job that you LOVE!! There are not many people who can say that. If I had an IPad, i’d give Polar Puzzles a try!! Maybe some day.

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