Doreen Virtue and “Signs and Wonders”

Meeting Doreen Virtue at Cleveland's Journey Expo ~ September, 2011

I was so happy to meet and speak to Doreen Virtue at Cleveland’s 2011 Journey Expo. I brought my paperback copy of Divine Guidance for her to sign, one of my very favorite books. I told Doreen that it was a very important book to me. She looked at it, saying, “Wow, I haven’t seen this one for a while!” She seemed happy that it made an impact on me. I told her briefly how it helped launch my own new personal and spiritual journey.

Doreen Virtue’s Divine Guidance (along with Albert Gaulden’s Signs and Wonders) inspired the class I am currently teaching called “Signs and Wonders.” I am enjoying this so much! I really feel like I’ve found my own personal mission by teaching this class. So far I’ve taught it as a workshop at my retreats a few times, and as a teleclass earlier this year. Now I’ve been invited to teach it for Tri-C’s Senior Adult Education Program this Fall. I’m SO excited about being an “Instructor for Tri-C!” Whee!

This whole experience affirms my beliefs in the whole “Signs and Wonders” concept that I teach. I teach that God-signs are sent to us every day, but we need to learn to watch and listen for them – and then take the steps to follow them (the hardest part, which involves a strong dose of faith).

I have a self-study program offered on my website on this class and also have a downloadable  illustrated “Signs and Wonders Journal.” Hoping to get another teleclass together after my Tri-C class is over. At the latest, I might get started with it in January, after the Holidays.


Journey Into The Light

I wanted to share a FREE booklet I wrote recently, inspired by visiting Dawn Richerson’s website, I really love what this woman is doing with her website, and really relate to her work. In one of her free audios, there were many things that really hit a chord with me.

One memorable quote I wrote down for myself was:

“As you journey the path of healing and connection, you must learn to tell the truth about who you are. You must acknowledge the whole truth of what has been, including your deepest secrets and wounds. You must embrace your unique brilliance and mission.”

I had listened to Dawn’s audio over and over to let her message sink in, and finally I was able to put into words something I’ve never been able to do before. I am so thankful for Dawn’s guidance and inspiration that helped me get to the point of a wonderful flow of writing that streamed almost effortlessly.

Inspired by my own healing process, the booklet I wrote, “Journey Into the Light,” describes the process of climbing out of the pit of darkness in one’s life. I go into describing what each stage feels like as well as what is needed to help people get through this journey (once again, learning and sharing from my own experience – telling my TRUTH).

The stages I describe in this journey are:

1. The Bottom.

2. Grasping for Hope.

3. The Climb.

4. Wonder.

5. Stepping Out.

6. Walking Away From The Pit.

I explain God’s part in your journey, as well as what you actively need to do to keep on your journey upward toward the Light.

Click on the image above or on this link here to download this booklet for free!

What makes this booklet special to me is that it goes into detail about what it feels like to be in BOTH places – the Light AND the Darkness. It felt appropriate to use an old painting from college for the booklet cover, which was painted to express the view from within “the pit.” I hope this booklet brings light and hope to others, which is why I thought it best to offer it for free, to get my message of hope out to as many people as possible.