Dealing with Anxiety WITHOUT MEDS

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I have personally dealt with anxiety and depression my entire life and I’m proud to say I’ve been able to get through it with MINIMAL use of medication. I KNOW that others can do this as well. Anxiety is NOT something we should take meds for our whole lives. Yes, meds can help us out of a difficult patch when life is particularly rough, but I highly encourage people to get through it on their own. The first time I received medication I was a teenager and after taking the meds for a month I decided to trust more highly on God to help me through it and flushed my remaining meds down the toilet. The second time I took meds, I was in college, and realized quickly that I could much too easily overdose on my meds to a dangerous level and decided to get them out of my life again.

I think the most wonderful thing about overcoming anxiety without meds IS overcoming anxiety without meds – do you know what I mean? I mean, the satisfaction and pride that you get when you get over a panic attack or bout of depression without meds can raise your self-confidence level to a POWERFUL level. When you realize you don’t need the meds — that you have the POWER within to quell that anxiety/depression, that BOOST OF CONFIDENCE IN SELF it is worth MORE to the soul than ANY drug on the shelves.

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Dealing with Anxiety without Medication – Option One
It is very important to be in complete control of your thoughts and emotions. Don’t just start reacting the moment something happens. Take the time to stop and think. Just like you would in anger management, count backwards from ten to one. If you are really edgy, make it fifty. Think before you act or talk, and be calm about it. Breathe… it is important. Check out this social anxiety information.

Dealing with Anxiety without Medication – Option Two
Start using positive self affirmations. Self affirmations are reminders to oneself about the positive things in life. Keep reminding yourself of all the things that you are blessed with. They could include, a loving family, successful career, supporting spouse, great body, intelligence, intellect, great eyes, etc. You need to remind yourself that you are strong and independent.

Dealing with Anxiety without Medication – Option Three
Staying idle will bring in negative thoughts to your mind. Keep your self mentally occupied with pleasant thoughts. Read positive fiction or non fiction books, check out articles on, you can even indulge in any form of creativity that you may possess. If you like to sing, sing, or dance, whatever makes you happy. But, keep a target for each day. Set out an aim. Like, you will work only during office hours and meet your target, then you will meet your friends. Make your day full, without making it stressful.

Dealing with Anxiety without Medication – Option Four
Get talking baby! Talking about what is in your mind will help you let it all out. If you are happy about something, don’t keep it in. Tell someone, get a hug, jump around a bit. If something disturbs you, talk about it. Don’t whine, but talk about your problems. It need not be another person. You can talk to yourself to come up with solutions. Tell yourself that there is an issue you need to address and discuss it with yourself. Talk about the good things as well. Praise yourself. You can even discuss dreamy stories with yourself. No harm in fantasizing on your own time, right? Also, it works as a great relaxation technique for anxiety.

Dealing with Anxiety without Medication – Option Five
Enjoy! I can’t even begin to talk about people who get so caught up in the rut that they fail to enjoy life. Hello!! One life! Enjoy it! You need to enjoy to be able to overcome anxiety without meds. Go out, have dinner with friends. Catch a movie every once in a while. Go for a date (if married, go for a date with your spouse). Have sex. Did you know that sex is the best stress buster? Well, then, get to it. My point is, be happy. Work out regularly, burning off those calories sure makes everyone happy. While responsibilities are important, so is enjoyment. Take time out for yourself, and see how anxiety will stay out of your way!

You can also opt for natural remedies for anxiety and herbal remedies for anxiety. The methods and options mentioned above help one stay away from any possible side-effect of anxiety medication.

Anxiety is a condition that just waits for a crack in the confidence and then seeps its way in, shattering all that you are capable of. Regain control of your life from the clasps of anxiety. Live happy, live strong! This is where I sign off! All the best matey!